Valentine’s Day Collectibles

The origins of Valentine’s Day have been lost in time with plenty of myths and legends. Scholars know that Christianity and Pagan rituals both have roots to this worldwide holiday. Historians know of three saints who had the name Valentine. Pope Geleasius named the holiday after one of them in 498 A.D. All three were said to be martyred and legend has it all three died on February 14th, so it remains a mystery to this day which saint is being honored.

Traditions on Valentine’s Day are not the same in every country. In Japan, the women give out chocolate and gifts to the men. Men who receive gifts are to return the favor on March 14th, exactly one month later. Young people in Denmark spend the day exchanging love tokens. In Italy, it was once considered a Spring Festival, the day was spent in lovely gardens reading poetry and listening to music.

We may never know the true story about the man named St. Valentine or where the traditions of giving candy and cards to our sweethearts came from, but one thing we do know: February is the month of love.

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