Thomas Kinkade Collectibles

Thomas Kinkade, the Artist

Thomas Kinkade, the creator of all of the Thomas Kinkade collectibles, grew up in Placerville, California and was born in 1958. At the age of four, his artistic talents were evident. At the age of five Kinkaid’s parents divorced, which was very unusual in those days. There is not much in Placerville, California where he lived.

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The special thing about Kinkade was that he was known as a youth who drew well. This talent gave him respect from others, which helped him while growing up as a poor child. By the time he was 16 years old, he was a well known as a good painter.

Kinkade first went to the University of California at Berkeley, and then to Art College in Pasadena, California. After he graduated he traveled by train from California to New York, while making sketches of the American landscape. With those sketches, he was able to get a book published called Artist Guide to Sketching.

Thomas Kinkaid’s art shows his deep faith in God, which is the basis of his work. He feels like he can change hearts and lives. He lives in Northern California with his wife and four daughters.

A Tribute to Thomas Kinkade Collectibles

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles have been in the public eye for many years. These collectibles are treasured and cherished memories of a wonderful accomplished artist. Approximately one in twenty homes in the United States has a piece of the Thomas Kinkade collectibles.

Every artist must have something or someone who inspires them and their work, and Thomas Kinkade was no different. The inspirations for his art pieces came from the famous artist Norman Rockwell. He said many times that he grew up with pieces of Norman Rockwell throughout his home. His mother was very fond of this artist and his work, so he lived with this inspiration daily. There were other artists who were also ingrained in Thomas Kinkade’s creative imagination, as well.

Description of Thomas Kinkade’s Paintings

Paintings from Thomas Kinkade surfaced in the early 1980s and now can be found on just about anything from framed paintings to calendars to greeting cards. They seem to light up the surroundings of anywhere they are found. It is easy to see why this great illustrator was loved and what set the Kinkade paintings apart from all others.

Thomas Kinkade’s Serene Paintings

It was his special artistic ability to relate to observers how life could be or should be through his creative genius. His paintings were serene and brought a sense of peace to the viewer. His paintings made the observer feel as though they would like to jump into his paintings and stay there forever, secure, cozy and comfortable. Maybe Thomas Kindade was showing his fans a little bit of Heaven.

Thomas Kinkade’s Use of Color

Today Thomas Kinkade is called “The Painter of Light.“ His work is widely collected and he is a well loved artist. People fill their homes with his work, along with his books and prints. He also has a large variety of beautiful decorative collectible items. The colors he used were blended together in such a manner that pulled the viewer into them, and it is understandable why Thomas Kinkade was coined, “The Painter of Light.” Thomas Kinkade’s paintings used light in a way that seems to pull people towards his artwork. He was able to master the use of different colors and hues to create true to life paintings.

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Collectibles

The list of Thomas Kinkade collectibles is extensive, starting with his famous Christmas paintings and all the reproductions of these paintings into collectible plates and figurines. The Thomas Kinkade Collectible line includes Christmas decorations like ornaments, figurines, Christmas tabletop trees, Christmas villages with trains, angels, snowmen, and quaint light-up homes and shops. All of these beautiful, decorative collectibles can be displayed during the holidays.

Santa’s musical boxes, and figurines, water globes, wreaths, and Christmas Cards will light up anyone’s home for the holidays when the works of Thomas Kinkade are featured.

Thomas Kinkade Collectible Gifts

If someone is looking for a special gift that the receiver will truly appreciate, then explore the options of a Thomas Kinkade collectible. These treasured pieces come in a variety of works such as wall decor art, clocks, beverage coasters, music boxes, everyday greeting cards, and address labels, covers for checkbooks, calendars, and jewelry pieces.

His beautiful nightlights can pull one into the rich scenery and lull one into a restful sleep. Adults and children alike enjoy putting together a Thomas Kindade puzzle. Many folks will glue the pieces together and professionally frame the picture. This is a wonderful keepsake and gift. Tapestries, flags for the yard and throws for the furniture are all part of the Thomas Kinkade collectible line. T-shirts are another lovely gift option. Each and every piece of art work in the Kinkade collection has pieces for every taste and budget.

Remember this Great Artist Through his Wonderful Works

If one is searching for a Thomas Kinkade collectibles gift for someone for a special occasion or they just desire a special piece for their own home, one cannot go wrong, as any Thomas Kinkade collectibles is sure to peace the pickiest of people. Thomas Kinkade art work always leaves a smile on the face of adults and children alike. Remember this artist for his amazing talent and desire to please his fans.

Thomas Kinkade was a great artist who brought his beautiful artwork to the world at affordable prices. The Thomas Kinkade collectibles, which include his paintings, prints, figurines, villages, in short, everything he made, has been made for all of us to enjoy. People will remember him as the creator of loved and cherished work. Kinkade has fans throughout the world because of his creative, imaginative, talented genius. He has brought so much enjoyment into people’s lives with his life time of accomplishments.