Scaasis Collectibles

The memory of salty wind sweeping through the trees, making them bend as they hit a stable lighthouse is one that transports us to summers gone by, childhood and, of course, the unchanging shoreline. What better way to mix nostalgia and nautical than with fine decorative Scaasis Collectible beautiful lighthouse replicas?

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Scaasis lighthouses are a wonderful way to bring memories of a favorite place, or a piece of family history, home. The lighthouses usually come in two sizes: large, including all lighthouse replicas six to eight inches tall, and small, all lighthouses three to four inches tall.

Scaasis Originals, Inc. is a Neptune, New Jersey family company formed in 1990 and dedicated to the preservation of the history of America’s lighthouses. Scaasis collectibles include lighthouses spanning the nation and its history. They are renowned for their attention to fine detail, and because of their intricacy, the tiny Scaasis lighthouses command a collectible value.

Vintage and Retired Lighthouses

Scaasis Collectibles have always come with a serial number and trademark tag explaining the history of the real lighthouses they represent. Because there are more than two hundred different lighthouses currently being produced, some older models of Scaasis Collectibles have been retired, increasing their value.

The Key West, Florida lighthouse replica is one such retired Scaasis collectible piece, with many of its only 5,500 models made twenty years ago this year. The mostly white Key West, Florida light is part of the “Southern Belle” series and is an elegant addition to any collection, surrounded by gorgeously sculpted foliage. The replica is inspired by the real Key West lighthouse, built in 1825. After several hurricane-related tragedies, the lighthouse was turned over to the island’s arts and historical society in 1969.

Another of the retired Scaasis collectibles is the Mystic, Connecticut miniature lighthouse. This tiny sculpture beautifully references the rocks around the Mystic light and pays intricate attention to the lighthouse’s stone and wood parts alike. The real lighthouse itself is quite tiny and sits at Mystic Seaport, once a lively New England port and now home to a museum and the world’s last wooden whaling tall ship, the Charles W. Morgan.

Current Collection

The current lineup of Scaasis Collectibles in production represent lighthouses from 28 states. The Watch Hill, Rhode Island lighthouse replica is accurate to the very window trim of the building, as well as the path to the front door defined by a perfect row of manicured shrubs.

The Toledo Harbor, Ohio lighthouse replica boasts wonderfully imitated miniature stonework and is surrounded by beautiful aqua sculpted water forms. The real Toledo Harbor Light stands on the shores of Lake Erie, as it has since it was built there in 1901 by the United States Army.

In recent years, Scaasis has expanded on their original lighthouse replicas, such as the 2001 addition of the “Nautical Lights of the Sea” collection, a select group of lighthouse replicas using a “twin bulb” system to bring the lighthouses to life with real light. Many of these “illuminated lighthouses” are already retired, and are some of the most valuable pieces of Scaasis Collectibles. Of these, the Grand Isle, Michigan lighthouse is one such sculpture already retired. The real Grand Isle lighthouse was built from wood in 1868, abandoned in the early 20th century, and then reclaimed for culture and history.

The collection also includes a Block Island Southeast, Rhode Island lighthouse model similar to its traditional version of the same lighthouse, but with real light. Featuring the same detail as the original collection’s Block Island model, this Scaasis Collectible is sure to add beauty, memories, and of course, light, to any collection. The real Block Island Southeast Light continues to this day to be an active source of light for ships on the Atlantic since 1874, and was declared a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1997.

Scaasis American Covered Bridge Collection

Another new addition to the world of Scaasis collectibles are the American Covered Bridge Collection. Featuring the same trademark Scaasis attention to detail and historical accuracy as the lighthouses on both the interiors and exteriors of these pieces, the covered bridges are a wonderful and unique addition to any Scaasis enthusiast’s collection. The bridges are all about 3″x3″x7″ and Series I features almost two dozen to choose from.

Covered bridges are often wood and are most common in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Hampshire, reflecting the rural and Americana cultural histories of those states. One of the more popular pieces from this collection is a replica of McConnell’s Mill Bridge in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, built in 1874. Despite covered bridges being uncommon in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, the state possesses one of the highest concentrations of covered bridges in the country. In addition to Banks Bridge, McConnell’s Mill Covered Bridge was inducted into the National Register for Historic Places in 1980.

The Scaasis Originals Company makes collectible decorations with a focus on lighthouses. In fact, the company is so famous for its lighthouses that it boasts being “The Original Lighthouse Company.” The company is family owned and operated.

No matter where you live, if you have a lighthouse near you and want to get a collectible version, odds are the Scaasis company makes one. These lighthouse sculptures are replicas designed for collectors. In addition to being authentic and detailed, they are also priced to be affordable.

The lighthouses are sculpted out of resin and are individually hand painted by skilled artisans. The lighthouses come with a tag printed with the lighthouse’s historical facts. The lighthouses come in over 200 styles and are available in 2 sizes, large and small. The large sculptures are approximately 5-8″ in height and the small are approximately 3-4″ in height.

The Scaasis Originals Company also makes miniatures, ornaments, pull chains, jewelry and magnets. As well as their newest addition, Mr. Moose. Mr. Moose is a wooden candy dispenser that dispenses candy when you push on its tail, giving the appearance of making moose droppings. This whimsical candy dispenser is also available as a horse or a bear.