Precious Moments Collectibles

The Precious Moments Collectibles have been enjoyed by thousands for over 30 years. It has been said that they are one of the best, if not the best, collection of images and expressions that have inspired and endured the longest of any such collection in America.

The idea began as greeting cards for family members designed by a gentleman named Sam Butcher. The tear drop-eye children that graced the front of his cards expressed the sentiments that were in his heart. One day someone suggested, because of their incredible appeal, that he take his cards to a greeting card convention. There they were accepted with great enthusiasm.

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A few years later, ENESCO contracted with Mr. Butcher to produce fine, delicate, porcelain bisque figures from his drawings of the tear drop-eye children. History has now brought us to this time when Precious Moments Collectibles are a world-known name. The memories associated with the occasions of when the figurines were received are the most valuable treasure that these beautiful and satisfying pieces bring.

Precious Moments Collectibles

The Precious Moments Collectibles began with a line of twenty-one pieces that has grown to over 15,00 pieces today. In 1979 the first figurine made its debut by the name of “Love One Another.” Due to its great success, it was quickly followed by other titles such as “Jesus Loves Me”, “Jesus is the Light”, and “God is the Answer”, to name a few. Each one expressed Mr. Butcher’s deep, personal religious faith.

Precious Moments Collectibles are famous for their strong expressions of human emotions. Figurines are available that help you to express encouragement, faith, happiness, love and joy. There are others that help you to express family bonds such as marital love and courtship, the birth of a new baby and the love between siblings. Today these expressions of love can also been seen on Precious Moments Collectibles jewelry, dolls, music boxes and picture frames. All items portray the same adorable children in various situations of life.

Precious Moments Collectible Best Sellers

Through the years, Precious Moments Collectibles have increased in variety and availability – while still offering the same reliable quality and emotional expression that we have come to depend on. Precious Moment Collectible figurines are available to help you celebrate Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, special anniversaries, graduations, the birth of a new baby, and many other special occasions.

There are train collections and Disney characters. Many of the best sellers have been series such as “Gone with the Wind” or “The Wizard of Oz” or the “Superheroes” collection. Best sellers such as “Every Moment With You Is Precious”, “I’m So Fortunate to Have You” or “I’m a Happy Camper With You” help to express deep feelings of love that some might find hard to put into words.

Precious Moments Collectible Limited Editions

Other sought after items are the limited editions. These are figurines that are made in limited quantities and offered for a limited amount of time. Some of the limited editions are only offered at specific locations and at times, they are offered to very special collectors before they are offered to the general public. Due to the restrictions on time and quantities these Precious Moments Collectibles usually have higher collector value.

Retired, Suspended, or Closed Precious Moments Collectibles

Precious Moments Collectibles may be retired, suspended or closed. Each situation has bearing on the availability of the item as well as the value of the item. When a piece is retired it will never again be produced. When an item is suspended its production is temporarily stopped but it may be produced again at a later date. Closed is another term for limited editions that are only available for a short period of time. All three of these conditions can make some of the Precious Moment Collectibles even more valuable.

Precious Moments Collectibles’ Markings

Precious Moment Collectibles will have a distinguishing marking on the bottom of the figurine. There will be a model number and a production year mark. There will also be some letters on the marking.

These numbers authenticate the piece along with a marking of a heart or butterfly or other marking depending on the year it was made. The monetary value of each figurine can be determined by various factors including the age, the condition, if the original packaging is present and rarity of the piece. An additional mark of distinction is when the piece is signed by the artist. There is added value if the piece is retired, suspended or is a limited edition.

Precious Moments Collectibles help to express emotions when our words are not adequate or when words fail to express our deepest feelings. Sam Butcher’s expressions of love for his family has grown into an industry that helps thousands of people each year express their love and emotions. Without Precious Moments Collectibles many might never know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Precious Moments Collectibles are very recognizable! When Sam Butcher started the Precious Moments line, greeting cards and posters were just the beginning. Butcher’s depiction of children, with their very distinctive eye shapes (teardrops) took off! It was only a matter of time before Precious Moments figurines hit the market.

Precious Moments are now available in many different forms. Some of these include: plates, thimbles, bells, ornaments, Nativity scenes, dolls, and of course, the Precious Moments figurines and statues.