Boleslawiec Pitcher

Boleslawiec Polish Pottery is renowned for designing beautiful and long-lasting stoneware. The potters craft their products from opaque, ensuring the dishes can enter any oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. Cooks prize their pottery for their beauty and efficiency, as seen in the Boleslawiec pitcher.

The pitchers vary in height and design. Some pitchers are eight inches tall with five inch mouths, while others are three inches tall. As for patterns, one has a blue background with white stars. A well-known pattern is the print with thick blue rings and white centers. If the pitchers have lids, they have the same patterns as the pitchers. All pottery is produced in Poland.

Boleslawiec pitchers are suited for holding hot gravy, but are also decorative, as they can hold flowers just as well!

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