Pipka Collectibles

Pipka is the name of the artist who makes the beautiful Pipka Collectibles. She was raised in Germany, lived  in North Dakota and Minnesota, and is currently living in Wisconsin. After relocating in the USA she made frequent trips to Germany, which is why she is so knowledgeable in the Bavarian style of art.

History Behind Pipka Collectibles

Wincenty Pipka is an immigrant who arrived here in America in 1949. It was in that year that she and her family moved to the quaint town of Michigan, North Dakota, in order to escape a native land that was torn asunder with war. At the time, people all over Europe were trying to go elsewhere because of all the strife, war, and political tension going on in the area at the time. Although she and her family loved America and its traditions, they kept a strong sense of their German/Czech heritage. This heritage was especially colorful at Christmas time, and it was in her very early life, where it is believed she developed an affinity for artistic vision, especially Christmas scenes. These memory-making moments would, at a later date, inspire some of her best art.

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Pipka often visited her grandmother in the countryside of Bavaria. This scenery inspired Pipka’s creative direction as a decorative furniture painter. The scenery that she witnessed at such a young age had to be awe-inspiring, and it must have fueled a passion for her to later recreate this type of imagery in her art. She worked in this furniture-painting field for a while, until she finally opened up her own operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When she opened her own business, it was a family run business where she would teach classes, paint furniture, and write books. Her mother would make handmade pillows and accessories from Austrian materials. Her next move would take her out of the big city into a small town similar to the one she had lived in as a child.

Pipka moved to Door County in 1981, and one lonesome dreary day in the winter, Pipka hand-painted an old time Santa figurine. She so thoroughly enjoyed painting this figurine that she decided to make an art form out of it. It was a revolution that would change her life. Pipka never stopped painting Christmas decorum, she drew her inspiration from the many sights and scenes that she had experienced as a child in foreign countries.

Her numerous experiences with the rich traditions of Christmas in so many different parts of the world lent her an exceptional ability to bring Christmas scenes to life with amazing skill. One of Pipka’s most well known quotes is “Each country has a gift bringer” and “each Santa tells a story”. These statements are truly indicative of Pipka collectibles. Being the ambitious and inspired woman that she is, Pipka opened yet another operation in Sister Bay, Wisconsin where she sells everything from collectible figurines, to gifts, original art and jewelry.

Pipka collectibles have gained worldwide acclaim for their style, grace, and beauty, as well as the superior craftsmanship. She blends all of these things so that they come together to make wonderful pieces of art. These collectibles are often thought of as Christmas like scenes; however, they are much more than that. Pipka collectibles encompass a wide variety of scenery such as reindeer scenes, shrines, angels, and much, much more. Many different renditions of Santa are painted by Pipka. There are African American Santas, the Polish Santas, Celtic Saint Patricks, and many, many more.

Pipka truly loves her job. In fact she says that it is the best job in the whole wide world. The fact that an artist loves what they do makes it that much easier for them to create beautiful pieces of art. The love that Pipka has for her art, as well as the experience that she has with so many different rich traditions around the world, make a perfect combination for an artist whose work will be well remembered for years to come. Indeed Pipka Collectibles have grown in popularity since they began to be produced back in the 1980s.

There are so many different themes to choose from, there are probably Pipka Collectibles for everyone. With the wide array of styles and schemes to choose from, Pipka makes sure that everyone has something to look forward to when they shop for Pipka Collectibles.

Pipka Collectibles Come in a Wide Assortment of Styles

From the average everyday home decorator to the die hard collector you are sure to find what you are looking for. With over 30 years of experience going into making different designs, Pipka has had more than enough time to make numerous designs to fit anyone’s needs. Pipka Collectibles are very limited and they are well known and sought after. Nowadays, as was mentioned before, Pipka not only makes figurines she makes jewelry, collages and all different types of art works. Pipka makes sure that each design is thoroughly researched, and normally results in a masterpiece of cultural culmination. Indeed Pipka Collectibles have a perfect balance of historical and cultural elements, making every single piece that is produced unique and special to its owner.

Many believe that the heartfelt passion that Pipka Collectibles reflect is the reason for their enduring popularity across such a wide range of collectors. The Memories of Christmas collection is one of the best known collections and one of the most beautiful, but there is also the Gallery Collection, the Reflections of Christmas line, the Stories of Christmas line, and the Decorative Art Collection, and many, many more! Pipka Collectibles never seem to fail us in the area of imagination and variety, and it is doubtful that they ever will.

Pipka’s Collectibles include many different Old World Santas and other Christmas themes. Her Christmas Collectibles are both whimsical and traditional. Pipka Collectibles range from Santas (including Father Christmas figurines), Madonnas, angels, and Nativities. Her limited edition collectibles are high on many collector’s lists!