Pfaltzgraff Heritage Dinnerware

Pfaltzgraff Heritage dinnerware is a set that has lasted through time. It is one of Pfaltzgraff’s timeless pieces that has a simple, classic, and durable design. It is plain white, with a twelve-sided shape. The basic set includes a dinner plate, salad plate, soup/cereal bowl, and a mug. The plates are generous in size. There are numerous pieces that can be purchased and all come in the beautiful white, classic style.

But, there are other Pfaltzgraff Heritage sets, also… besides the White set. Probably the most famous Pfaltzgraff Heritage set is their Christmas set. This design has a Christmas tree right in the middle of the item, with a little Christmas village train set under it. More than likely, you are familiar with this pattern.

There is also a Brown Pfaltzgraff Heritage “pattern” which is just like the white, only brown! This is a set that is not only simple and classic, but one that will leave you happy for many years.

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