Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Pfaltzgraff is a company that makes beautiful kitchenware. Some of the kitchenware has folk art designs. The pattern on the dinnerware is detailed and very intricate. This folk art pattern is one of the earliest the company designed in the 1800s. These designs have been around for many years.

The plates, cups, bowls, and platters are made of glass or ceramic. They are salt glazed to give the dinnerware a rustic old world look. The colors of the pattern are in earth tones – beige and browns – with blue flower designs printed over the color. The simple Pfaltzgraff folk art design is what gives the pattern popularity with many collectors. This kitchenware can be used for everyday daily entertaining or special occasions with family and friends. It is far too beautiful to store out of view… most collectors proudly display their Pfaltzgraff Fold Art items in their homes.

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