Pfaltzgraff America

Pfaltzgraff is a company based in America which manufactures tableware including dinnerware, flatware, serving ware, linens and a wide range of kitchen accessories. Other accessories like picture frames, spice jars, and flower pots are also offered by Pfaltzgraff. The company offers tableware patterns in over 20 different varieties and patterns.

Pfaltzgraff has been in business since 1811 when it was founded by Johann George Pfaltzgraff and a cousin George Pfaltzgraff. The pair recognized the need for stoneware, and being potters by trade, they opened their first pottery shop, and later their first factory in 1894. Pfaltzgraff is still a recognized brand today.

The Pfaltzgraff America pattern was produced for six years in the 1980s, and then retired. Because it was so popular, the pattern was brought back for a few more years. It is a soft yellow background color, with a stencil type of pattern. The Pfaltzgraff America pattern is actually modeled after American quiltwork!

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