Pfaltzgraff Collectibles

If you know anything about fine dining products, then you probably know about the Pfaltzgraff Collectibles brand. This is a brand that has flourished for a variety of different reasons. First off, the level of innovation that comes from these products. Pfaltzgraff collectibles are collectibles because they offer high class without the price of high class. A variety of their designs are humorous, interesting and beautiful. They make a brilliant conversation piece for any dinner party.

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History of Pfaltzgraff Collectibles

Pfaltzgraff was originally a German farm family who moved to Pennsylvania in the early 1800s. The original founder of these world class collectibles was George Pfaltzgraff. George taught his sons to make these products because he wanted to pass on the business to his sons.

In the beginning, Pfaltzgraff collectibles were the Pfaltzgraff family’s way of making a living. Aside from working on the farm, the Pfaltzgraffs were making world class dishes that the world would love for over 200 years.

In the end, their product creations became one of the legacies that the family could be proud of. Pfaltzgraff collectibles are the type of products that any fine dining collector would be proud to own. The reason, is because these collectibles are top of the line. Even in today’s world, Pfaltzgraff products are still highly in demand.

Pfaltzgraff Collectibles Not Originally Successful

It was not until the second generation that the Pfaltzgraff name really began to take off. It was after the 2nd generation that the legacy of the Pfaltzgraff began in a serious way. Pfaltzgraff collectibles became even more hig-end during this time, and it was thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Pfaltzgraff family. They had persevered by this time and discovered that producing products of the highest quality was the best way to attract customers.

One of The Largest Pottery Legacies In The United States

The Pfaltzgraff company soon had over 200 years of experience under its belt. You know you are a good company when you have been around for that long. Most companies are unable to make it the first two years of business, let alone over 200 years. The Pfaltzgraff brand is the oldest family-owned pottery business that is still producing products in the United States. It has been in the United States for over 200 years.

Why Pfaltzgraff Collectibles Are A Leading Brand

Pfaltzgraff has always been known for their original creations. On top of that, they are a company that puts real work into what they do. This is evident by the artistic designs of this company. They also use the highest quality materials in their products, which means that they are less likely to break. Another reason that they are a leading brand, is because they offer high quality products, but you would not know it from their prices. Pfaltzgraff collectibles come at a price that is most of the time, extremely affordable and what you get is dinnerware that is going to be loved for a long time to come.

What happens if these products get scratches or gray marks?

Well, if these products do get scratched which is one of the common issues with any stoneware. It can be removed using a product called Bar Keeper’s Friend. Scratches and gray marks occur because something comes into contact with the hard glazes.

Nowadays, most Pfaltzgraff products are made using earthenware or stoneware. The reason this is commonly used, is because it produces a higher quality product. Pfaltzgraff has stayed in business for so long because they have a dedication to high standards like no other company. This is evident through the products they made.

When did Pfaltzgraff begin dinnerware?

One of the things that Pfaltzgraff is well known for, is their dinnerware products. However, you may be shocked to hear that they did not originally make dinnerware products. Pfaltzgraff began manufacturing dinnerware products in the 1930s. The idea originally came from a pattern design that George Briad had made. He called it the Heritage design.

After this idea became massively successful, from that point on, the Pfaltzgraff company got into making dinnerware. In fact, it was a brand that became a standard in household homes because it was a high end brand. Pfaltzgraff collectibles have been loved by consumers for a long time.

History of Pfaltzgraff Collectibles

Many years ago (the early 1800s) the Pfaltzgraff family immigrated to Pennsylvania. Johann George Pfaltzgraff (a potter by trade) taught his seven sons the craft of pottery-making.

The Pfaltzgraff family produced pottery as their livelihood, and they continued their family business for generations. The earliest Pfaltzgraff earthenware products were functional in nature.

Since the early 19th century, Pfaltzgraff brand has been recognized as a high quality product. Starting as a modest pottery shop creating simple earthenware, flowerpots, and salt-glazed stoneware crocks in York County, Pennsylvania, Pfaltzgraff became a renowned designer and marketer of dinnerware, coffee mugs, ceramic accessories, and giftware.

As the Pfaltzgraff family’s business expanded, they added more items to their product line. Not only do they offer functional items like dinnerware, but they also offer fine decorative collectibles. Coffee mugs, stoneware, Melamine and decorative dinnerware, serveware, and glassware are among the most recognized of Pfaltzgraff products today.

Folk Art, Naturewood, Pistoulet, and Yorktowne patterns rank high among America’s favorite dinnerware designs. Pfaltzgraff brand products, once marketed via horse and wagon, are now widely available. Lifetime Brands and Pfaltzgraff united in 2005 to offer a variety of household goods, kitchenware, dinnerware and flatware.

The Pfaltzgraff Company In The Modern World

Pfaltzgraff joined the Lifetime label in 2005. Pfaltzgraff collectibles to this day are highly sought out because of the beauty that is placed in their products. They are a company that has survived for over 200 years, and in that amount of time, they have not only survived – they have thrived. Pfaltzgraff collectibles sport a high end name because the hard work and dedication that came from the Pfaltzgraff family. They are a family owned business that has massively succeeded in what they do. Pfaltzgraff collectibles are a standard that many of the other companies are trying to reach.