Norman Rockwell Collectibles

Norman Rockwell is one of the most famous 20th century artists in the world. As a North American artist, his art focused on bringing American hometown feelings to his work. No one could portray the Unites States and all the people, companies and even animals that live here the way he could! His work reached the masses through all of the magazine covers he painted. People could identify with his work, because it reflected what they knew, how they lived, and where they lived.

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Norman Rockwell collectibles come in a variety of ways: postcards, puzzles, plates, paintings, Christmas balls, coasters, calendars, and even figurines!

By the time Norman was fourteen, he know he wanted to be an artist. By the time he was nineteen, he had become an art editor for Boys’ Life, which is where he started putting his paintings depicting the wholesome Boy Scouts image on the magazine.

Lucky for us, Norman Rockwell seemed to be able to paint, paint, paint! He not only painted magazine covers, but also was an illustrator of my books. His positive spin on many of life’s events is what seems to have made him so popular. His work always leaves a warm feeling in the beholder – a feeling of hope and peace. He addressed the problem of segregation very successfully, working for integration.

Norman Rockwell Magazine Covers

Norman Rockwell’s paintings were featured on the Saturday Evening Post magazines for many years. He also made covers for the then, very popular Boys’ Life magazine, which was the magazine for the Boy Scouts.

Norman Rockwell collectibles are items are some of the most popular items around. Norman was a man that would paint or design figures in a fashion where he would take everyday life and try to turn it into humor or what he thought people around him ought to look and feel like, based on what he really wanted the world to be around him.

Norman Rockwell Collectibles – Paintings & Plates

Norman Rockwell Paintings and Prints

Norman Rockwell Collectibles come in a variety of forms but many of the most sought after are his paintings and prints of his paintings. Norman Rockewell’s paintings’ themes make them popular, because they blend into most decors. You can almost always add one to any room, since so many of them feature families’ homes with happy children and adults doing everyday things. Also, his paintings feature activities that all of us partake in, like going to our office, or fishing. These paintings have a way of brightening a room and making it more inviting with happy smiles in the simplest settings. There are paintings of smiling women in aprons baking,  or paintings of whole families eating and smiling as if they are enjoying a glorious day!

Norman also did prints in black and white or in color as well as creating ads for companies in a fashion that would make the company, or what those working for them did, seem like it was a happy place with happy people. He made them for companies such as Gerber and Kellogg’s and even for the Boy Scouts, and movies. His talents went far and wide and these ads can even be purchased in print today for those who are collectors of all items Norman Rockwell.

Norman Rockwell Plates

Norman Rockwell collectibles also include porcelain plates with pictures painted on them, perfect for adding to a collector’s dish collection. They make perfect focal points in a room, or can be grouped in a display case.

Norman Rockwell Collectibles – Figurines & Christmas Ornaments

Norman Rockwell Figurines

Norman Rockwell is also well known for his beautiful yet light hearted porcelain figures as well. There are many of smiling children and some of the best known are his clowns.

One very famous Norman Rockwell figurine is called The Runaway. This figurine features a clown on a park bench, consoling a little boy. The clown appears to be drying the tears off the little boy’s cheek.

Another very touching Norman Rockwell figurine is that of a doctor listening to the heart beat of a little girl’s doll.  Triple Self Portrait is a figurine with the painter painting a picture of a picture of the painter, thus the name!

Norman Rockwell’s figurines are made with just as much detail as his paintings, and they are just as sought-after and admired as his paintings.

Norman Rockwell Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are items that usually come out for a short time each year – before Christmas and during the holiday season. Each year there seem to be more and more ornaments put out on the market. Some ornaments are the types that people cherish, and plan on passing down to their children as heirlooms. Norman Rockwell ornaments are just those type of heirloom ornaments.

It’s good to remember that Norman Rockwell Collectibles can also be purchased in prints for your home’s walls. Many of the Norman Rockwell collectibles come in forms that make them perfect for gift-giving: puzzles, calendars, and even coasters. They are great for holiday or birthday gifts. Giving a Norman Rockwell puzzle can give a child an opportunity to piece together a classic from a famous artist while also seeing another light to history. A history where even those who worked hard and struggled could smile and be grateful for all that they had.

Lucky for us, Norman Rockwell’s beautiful artwork has been captured in many fine decorative collectibles. Years ago, before the Internet, we had to rely on books, museums and magazines in order to enjoy Rockwell’s beautiful paintings.

Rockwell’s work depicts life in the USA. In the earlier part of his career, this meant “small town, good-feeling” scenes. Later on in his career he painted social commentaries. His focus was on two very important themes: civil rights and poverty.

Now (with the easy access of the Internet!) we are able to enjoy seeing his artwork any time we want!