Murano Glass Collectibles

What started as a local project in Venice, Italy has produced some of the universally most sought after collectibles. Murano Glass Collectibles have become known for their distinguishing style of glassware and respected for their desirability as valued items of beauty and elegant designs. These unique characteristics mark the quality and well loved style that has come to be known as Murano Glass Collectibles.

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Although not always known by that name, these highly prized items had their start almost seven hundred years ago. This style of glass art has evolved from the craftsmen of the Venice area and nearby Murano Island. With an impressive historical beginning that dates all the way back to the 13th century Renaissance Period, this style of glass work has become a beloved favorite of countless collectors.

Murano is a tiny island adjacent to Venice that became the home of Italian style glass making craftsmen. During the 13th century, Venice had already become the center of this industry. Because of the intense heat of the glass ovens used by these skilled workers, they were forced to relocate to the island of Murano, near Venice. This move was initiated as a protective measure to safeguard Venice against the possibility of burning from the extreme heat necessary to have the ovens work efficiently. In this instance necessity gave way to innovation, and produced the earliest versions of highly loved and valued Murano Glass Collectibles

Italian Traditions in Murano Glass Collectibles

Since the craftsmen were assembled in one area, Murano became the center of Italian glass arts. As a colony for glass crafting, Murano became the base for any ideas and style development for Italian glass arts. Many unknown craftsmen made permanent contributions to the formation of the Murano style over the past seven centuries.

Ercole Barovier became one of the most famous and influential designers who was active during the 1920s and 1930s. His family dates back to the Renaissance era of the 13th century for skillfully working with glass. In 1878 his family established the famous Atristi Barovier & Co. During these early years the Venetian style and design was introduced and established as the distinguishing marks of Murano Glass Collectibles.

Perhaps the period of the 1950s and 1960s has been best known as the most innovative for those who value the most desirable vintage Murano Glass Collectibles. Since the 13th century fine Venetian and Murano glass workers such as Barovier established a notable history for this craft. These innovative and creative designers established the high standards and graceful architectural design combined with sleek and delicate artistic genius of these fine collectibles.

Another distinguishing trademark of Murano Glass Collectibles is the mural style finishes of this fine glassware. The style, design, and craftsmanship of these items make them into a magnificent works of art. The outer painting has the appearance of being done by one of the Old Italian Masters. These distinguishing characteristics make Murano Glass Collectibles doubly artistic, desirable, and valuable. They are simply magnificent. Crafted with the highest quality and standard of excellence, these items look as if they belong in a museum.

Murano Glass Collectibles Today

The demand for these beloved glass artwork pieces has produced a need for the Murano Glass Collectibles to continue to be created. In the style of the Old World Craftsmen, new generations of glass masters continue to keep up with the tradition and innovation that mark Murano Glass Collectibles. Production of these glass crafted items continues with new ideas and the characteristic high quality standards still provide the vision of the new workers.

Many collectors enjoy the mix that produces new works of genius for a contemporary world. Many collectors seek out the antique and vintage works for their beauty and also for their value. These collectibles have commanded the attention of a vast universal audience. Whether desired for the artistic appreciation or vintage value, Murano Glass Collectibles are sought after by many. Tastes vary and each collector sees these items differently, but Murano Glass Collectibles appeals to the most discriminating ideals and standards.

There are enough choices that the vintage collector and the contemporary collector can both be satisfied when looking to acquire additional items. All collectors will find that these art items are great additions to their homes and offices.

Murano Glass Collectibles in a Nut Shell

Murano Glass is a blown glass which comes from a Venetian island. It is no small wonder that visitors of this city of channels and gondolas have Murano Glass products right at the top of their lists of things to take back home.

Murano Glass is still being blown in much the same manner as glass blowing was done hundreds of years ago. Venetians have been trading and selling their blown glass objets d’art for years.

As far back as the late 1200s, the Murano island has been known to be the world’s great producer of glass. The molten material is attached to a glass-blower pipe and is “inflated” into a hollow form, and then shaped with special tools.

Murano Glass is the finest example of decorative glassware available anywhere.

Murano Glass Collectibles are for Everyone

Steeped in Renaissance history, beauty, and style, Murano Glass Collectibles are truly desirable. They are great items to own, sell, and most of all, appreciate. With contemporary production continuing they have captured the attention of a universal audience. Some collect for their beauty, some for their value, and some individuals collect Murano Glass Collectibles for just the joy of owning works of art crafted from glass. How about you, do you collect?