Miss Martha Treasure Boxes

These delightful, delicately painted ceramic figurines are made so that you can hide small treasures in them. There are many three types of Miss Martha treasure boxes featuring three baby angels Erica, Hapi and Tia. These little cherubs float on clouds and dream childlike dreams.

Erica dreams of singing in the choir. She practices as she waits for that happy day. Hapi dreams of every child smiling and feeling loved, even in times of trouble. Hapi worked very hard one day and painted every cloud a silver lining. Tia enjoys her star keeper role, sprinkling stars across the night sky until it is filled with them, and then, with a solemn face and a feeling of great importance, lighting them with the flick of a heavenly switch. Tia beams with joy, as the sky becomes a blanket of twinkling lights.

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