Longaberger Patriotic Days

A hot decorating idea for summer is the Longaberger Patriotic Collection. The company that brought that icon of summer, the picnic basket, to a whole new level has expanded into seasonal and holiday themes. Of all the themes, their proud to be an American and celebrate the red, white and blue has the most staying power. Unlike with other holidays, the summer holiday market is far from saturated and has considerable room for growth.

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Longaberger Patriotic Celebrations

Weaving Old Glory’s colors into their baskets, as well as using patriotic patterned basket liners, the Longaberger Company has created a series of baskets that make a strong patriotic statement. The theme works well from Memorial Day through Independence Day, and on into Labor Day.

Choosing from the collection, adding year by year, one can build a decorative summer décor that is not only attractive but also functional. As well as their wide range of patriotic themed baskets, basket liners and tie on medallions, the company sells other items to display one’s love of country.

Besides a living room of strategically placed baskets displaying one’s American Spirit, Longabergers has a selection of patriotic pillows to scatter about as well. Similarly themed, coasters and hot pads are available to join the summer holidays’ kitchen baskets. Other items for the kitchen, either as decorations or for use, are patriotic themed pie plates, cookie molds and totes.

Longaberger Patriotic Days on the Road

Summer is a time for getting together with friends and family. Between the first grill out of the summer on Memorial Day weekend to the last hurrah on Labor Day, transporting food from one location to another is a regular occurrence. Thanks to Longaberger, you can display your contribution to the party with a red, white and blue flare.

Among their most prized baskets are those that so handedly carry pies or cakes. With the ability to transform the “ordinary” Longaberger baskets into patriotic themed ones (with the addition of medallions or liners) there is no need to buy all new baskets.

Your Longaberger Patriotic collection can either be made up of  specific baskets or you can use garters, liners, and medallions paired with plain baskets to achieve the coveted patriotic look. You can put together a tasteful, patriotic look that will last all summer, but there is more. For summer birthdays or housewarming gifts, you can give basket/bear combos and spread the spirit of patriotism. Longaberger and Boyds Bears put their heads together and voila, they came up with the patriotic Teddy bear/basket sets. The Boyds Longaberger I M Patriotic Inaugural Bear and the Boyds Longaberger Patriotic Libbee are just a couple of the sets that will liven up the summer for you and your friends.

The Longaberger Company has patriotic items that reflect red, white, and blue pride. Whether you want to celebrate Flag Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or President’s Day (among others!) you’ll be delighted to know that Longaberger celebrates that day too. Along with the wonderful Longaberger Patriotic baskets, there are patriotic-themed liners and tie-on medallions.

Longaberger has teamed with Boyds Bears to make darling Teddy bear/basket combos: Boyds Longaberger Patriotic Libbee, Boyds Longaberger American Star Angel, and Boyds Longaberger I M Patriotic Inaugural Bear are a few of these darling Boyds Longaberger collaborations.