Longaberger Baskets

The Longaberger Company started out as a company that specialized in baskets. They have kept the emphasis on their beautiful basketry, which is the reason their baskets are considered to be such fine decorative (and functional!) collectibles.

Amongst the Longaberger baskets, you can find round nesting baskets, Christmas baskets, catch-all baskets, napkin-holding baskets, and baskets of all sorts of interesting shapes… like gourd baskets. Longaberger also has serving tray baskets, cookie jar baskets, and tall tote baskets. Longaberger has certainly thought of every kind of basket!

And to be sure you’re getting a high quality Longaberger basket – you can check for the company stamp, the date it was made, and the basket weaver’s signature on the bottom side of the basket. Longaberger baskets are made from solid maple, so they are solid baskets. You won’t have to check to see if it’s a Longaberger basket if you have the real deal in your hands, though. The Longaberger baskets are very distinguishable: their high quality interlocking weave and the solid feel they have (and of course their beauty) will tell you it’s a real Longaberger before you even flip it over to see its distinctive markings!

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