Lladro Nativity

A Lladró Nativity is a beautiful addition to any Christmas decor. Lladró Nativity porcelain pieces are carved and painted to accentuate every detail. The soft pastel colors truly accentuate the reason for the season!

Thank goodness Rosa Lladró put her three boys (Vicente, Juan, and José
Lladró) in an arts and crafts school. This school led the three boys to apprentice at a Valencian tile company, where the three Lladró brothers showed a lot of promise in the art of ceramics.

As with most nativity sets, the porcelain Lladró Nativity scene has many different pieces: Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the Three Kings (magi) and their camels, shepherds, a drummer boy, angels and the manger animals (ox, donkey, lamb, sheep, etc.)

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