Limoges Vase

Limoges vases date back to eighteenth century France, and are considered to be among the most valuable household accessories in the world. These vases are made from porcelain and feature designs such as flowers or geometric objects. They take the name of the location from which they originate, which is Limoges, France.

The French statesman, Anne-Robert Jacques Turgot, enjoys credit as the founder of this brand of vases and related items. Turgot established the manufacturing of porcelain in Limoges after the necessary materials such as kaolin and paste were discovered as existing naturally in that area. He encouraged the making of these items. Soon, the Limoges manufacturing was put under the guidance and patronage of King Louis XVI’s brother, comte d’Artois, and the prestige associated with these goods became solidified.

Presently, several private companies make these items, including Bernardaud and Haviland & Co. Limoges vases continue to be known for their high quality.

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