Lenox Collectibles

Lenox Collectibles have a rich background: the White House’s first china made in America was Lenox. Lenox dinnerware is found in different mediums: china, earthenware, stoneware, and crystal. Besides dinnerware, Lenox fine decorative collectibles can be ornaments, figurines, vases, and Nativity scenes.

Walter Scott Lenox founded the Lenox company in the late 1800s and wanted, as the goal of the company, to produce the best quality porcelain possible. And, Lenox has been producing some of the most beautiful decorative collectibles since then. One very famous style of Lenox collectibles is the beautiful ivory porcelain with gold borders. It is truly a wonderful example of the superior workmanship of the Lenox company.

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Walter Scott Lenox, Founder of the Lenox Company 

Walter Scott Lenox is a study in perseverance. The lengths and risks he endured to make Lenox China an American product synonymous with quality and integrity is historic. After years of financial strife, his life work culminated in the production of the first set of fine china made in America used in the White house, for president Woodrow Wilson.

Starting his career as a potter at age 16, by his mid-twenties, W.S. Lenox was the art design director for the Ott and Brewer Pottery Company. In the 1880s affluent Americans purchased all their expensive china from Europe. The quality of American wares could not match the products from abroad. By the time he was thirty, Mr. Lenox entered a partnership to form the Ceramic Art Company. In 1894, he bought out his partner and created the Lenox Ceramic Art Company. Despite hiring master potters from Europe, he had a difficult time convincing the American upper-class that his china was on par with established foreign venders. He designed a factory that could be converted into an apartment complex as an alternative if his ceramic endeavor failed. In the early 1900s his health failed, but that did not deter his personal attention to business, even as he had to be carried into the factory and ultimately blinded, he continued to work.

One day after receiving a large, business saving order, his factory was leveled by an earthquake destroying all his stock except one plate. It became the centerpiece of his future advertising.

Belleek, Ireland

In a small village in Ireland, a man named John Caldwell Bloomfield started a pottery business. The aim was to produce high quality pottery products that would improve the living conditions of the residents of that tiny County of Ireland. This art of producing pottery products using certain special ingredients found locally in Fermanagh County, Ireland is what is referred to as Belleek, Ireland.

The potters used ingredients such as shale, peat, kaolin, feldspar, clay and flint. These are the basic ingredients. At the time in Ireland, there was plenty of labor as well as power necessary for designing and forming the pottery products. The products produced by Belleek, Ireland include basket works and chinaware. A business was formed, about 120 years ago that started producing high quality pottery products. The business used great skill and technique, some of which was later exported to America and helped develop bricks for the construction and housing industries. The company started producing great products that became famous across Ireland and around the world.

Today, more than 120 years later, the business still exists and continues producing great products of high quality that are sold across Ireland, UK, Europe, North America and many other part of the world. The products produced at this business are all original items of high quality craftsmanship, superior finish and using the original techniques formulated by John Caldwell Bloomfield that have been passed down over the years. The craftsmen use products, materials, techniques and skills that were passed on to them from the previous generation. The modern collection includes tradition pottery items, Christmas items and contemporary items.

Lenox China

Founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox, Lenox china tableware is a popular choice. Lenox originally started as an art studio and then moved on to becoming a factory. Quickly after, Lenox became known as one of the best American made china. Lenox china tableware has been used at the White House since 1918. Lenox china tableware is also used by the United States Embassies, the State Department, and Congress. Lenox had the china tableware of choice during the mid-1900s. Lenox searches for the best artists to create their china. Lenox is an American leader of high quality china tableware. Lenox china tableware has been on display in various institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Lenox china is recognized as one of the best china. The china’s glaze is absolutely uniform while the china is translucent with a well applied design. The color of the china is eye-catching. The durability of the china is better than their competition. All Lenox china tableware is high quality with experienced artistry and hand-polished luster. All of their china shows the talent of great artists from various places. Lenox china is created with great imagination and attention to detail. The company goes by the founder’s original ideals. Lenox china continues to be a source of pride and joy for families across the United States. Lenox cares about consumers’ opinions regarding their china. The company wants their china tableware to always be appreciated.

Lenox Figurines

The Lenox Company was founded in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox, The company began as a a ceramic art company selling unique artistic pieces. It wasn’t until they had achieved great success with their fine china that they introduced accessories for the home and also began releasing their beautiful figurines. The Lenox company is known for producing high-quality products in beautiful and distinct patterns and they offer everything ranging from dinnerware to home decor. Their extensive array of beautifully crafted items, like their figurines, gives collectors the chance to own a unique, collectible piece of art that they can display proudly in their home.

Lenox figurines are a perfect item to begin a collection. Lenox figurines come in many different forms, shapes, sizes, characters and so on. Lenox offers different collections of figurines, like their Christmas figurines and Thanksgiving figurines. They also have a wide variety of collectible character figurines like the whimsical Disney characters and many different birds, elephants, and other animal figurines, perfect for the animal and nature lovers.

Lenox figurines make the perfect addition to any home or the perfect gift for any person for any occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift, or even decorations for a wedding, Lenox offers some beautiful wedding themed figurines and cake toppers. For the children in your life there are some adorable figurines that can be personalized to include their names, these would make excellent birthday and Christmas presents. The Lenox company has figurines for any person, no matter what their taste or style may be.

Traditional Lenox Nativities 

Everyone gets excited when the time rolls around for the holiday season. There is nothing that really compares, to the excitement most feel, about the holiday seasons. The holiday seasons bring people together, where they can exchange food, greetings, and gifts. An extremely, thoughtful gift that can be given during the holiday season is a traditional Lenox Nativity.

Lenox Nativities are beautiful pieces that can be displayed in the home, in different areas of the house. The Lenox Nativities have a wonderful array of different figurines that can display the Christmas spirit. There are numerous types of sets available, which include, Mary and Joseph sets, three wise men and shepherds with their sheep sets, and many other types a person can have displayed or give as a gift to someone.

Some gifts only last for a year or even less, because they become obsolete. Some gifts last, for long periods of time, and, are considered timeless, because they aren’t trendy. Gifts happen to be about the thought one thinks of that person, they are giving a gift to, for the holidays. Giving a person a Lenox Nativity will show a person that you thought a great deal about them, compared to just giving them a gift card.

Traditional Lenox Ornaments

The name “Lenox” has been in the national forefront since 1889. The company is a name that symbolizes tradition in many quarters. It was started by a ceramic maker, from Trenton, New Jersey. Walter Lenox is the founder who started making exquisite tableware, and collectibles in his garage. The company has expanded to include all the beautiful items many think of and remember from years past, and those wanting to create new memories of their own. The company has been producing beautiful Christmas ornaments for many generations. The ornaments, are known for their very distinct quality. Some of these beautiful Christmas ornaments are produced on a yearly basis, to provide cherished memories for years to come, and relive some old memories.

Lenox Baby’s First Christmas ornaments are produced every year in limited quantities. These ornaments are made of white porcelain with exquisite gold trim. They truly capture the moment of a baby’s first Christmas, as the ornament is in the shape of a baby item: a cradle, giraffe, rocking bear, etc.

There are also beautiful Lenox Christmas Reindeer ornaments to chose from, complete with Rudolph and his red nose. Lenox 12 Days of Christmas ornaments include all of the 12 characters in the 12 verses of the song. There are also traditional ornaments like the Lenox the Three Kings ornaments.

Lenox Whimsical Ornaments

Lenox ornaments are high-quality, made-in-America ornaments which are cherished for the the hand-crafted, fine china ornaments they are. They come in a multitude of designs with new designs debuting every year. The hand-painted workmanship and beautiful colors used only add to the mystique of Lenox ornaments.

Lenox whimsical ornaments evoke fun and joy with their characters and attention to detail. They make great gifts and wonderful decor for the holidays.

The Lenox Disney Pixar Cars ornaments are a fun way to decorate the Christmas tree with a replica from the much-acclaimed movie. It even has the different cars’ numbers on the side.

Lenox Merry Mooseclause Moose ornaments offer renditions complete with Christmas lights, candy and presents. They are excellent and cute additions to your collection.

Lenox Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornaments are just a few inches of pure delight. Made of the hand-crafted china only Lenox can make, they show Rudolph with a wreath around his neck and his famous red nose. Additionally, details such as 24-karat gold accents and bell make this ornament a standout.

Who doesn’t love the cartoon character Snoopy? From the “Peanuts” newspaper comics to such treasured movies as “Charlie Brown Christmas,” the beloved pet beagle Snoopy was always a stand out and one of the comic’s most famous characters. The Lenox Snoopy with Love ornament will tug at your heartstrings. Showing Snoopy wrapping himself up in a red bow as a present to Woodstock is as cute as can be.

Lenox whimsical ornaments will add cheer to any holiday.