Lefton Dog

The Lefton Company has been making adorable collectible china figurines since the company’s inception in 1941. Due to its fine reputation for producing quality porcelain, Lefton china was first made in post-World War II Japan. In the mid 1970s, production was shifted to other countries. The Lefton dog has traditionally been a favorite of collectors from around the world. As well as their famous dog figurines, Lefton also makes salt and pepper shakers, tea pots, planters and other collectible china ware in a dog motif.

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Lefton dog figurines are available in many breed choices. Popular dog breeds are well represented, with many vintage Lefton figurines of boxers, poodles, Pekingese, beagles, collies and cocker spaniels. These whimsical dog designs are a great addition to your fine china collection.