Jim Shore Snowman

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore is probably best known for their angels, Santas, and snowmen. These fine decorative collectibles are beautiful home accents. When

When first becoming acquainted with Jim Shore’s collectibles, it is almost difficult to understand how he can incorporate so many beautiful quilting patterns into his figurines. Once you’re familiar with Jim Shore, then you know that, as difficult as it sounds, he knows exactly what he’s doing. The quilt work that he puts on every figurine makes the end result phenomenal!

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Jim Shore’s snowmen come in two modes.Some are decorated with Christmas in mind, and the others simply celebrate winter and the cold, snowy weather that brings out the children in all of us. And, Jim hasn’t forgotten about the snow women and little snow children!

Jim Shore is an American artist who has making it possible for us to have beautiful decorative collectibles at affordable prices. He grew up in a family where all of the women enjoyed quilting. Shore adopted the love of quilting, and has included this passion into all of his sculpting and painting. The beautiful quilting patterns highlight his pieces, and are blended into them so well, that they become part of the item.

A Jim Shore Snowman may be standing, tipping his hat, but be sure that there will be some beautiful colorful quilting patterns on that snowman. This adds a lot of vibrancy to Shore’s Heartwood Creek line. Don’t expect the Jim Shore snowmen to look the same! There will be some type of quilting and an appropriate colorful scene on the snowman.

For those of you who collect snowmen, don’t think you have to limit yourself to a winter snowman! A Jim Shore snowman can also come in the form of a red, white, and blue patriotic snowman.

But, you may ask, does the Jim Shore Snowman line also include something for cat lovers? Rest assured that it does! Does Heartwood Creek offer a snowman with “man’s best friend”? Yes, Jim Shore wouldn’t think about only having a cat who can enjoy one of his snowmen.

There is even a Jim Shore Snowman nesting set… One snowman fits perfectly inside of the next. The Jim Shore Snowman collection includes all sorts of fun figurines, a snowman diorama, even a Williamsburg snowman!