Jim Shore Santas

When the Christmas season is fast approaching and everyone is getting ready to meet this joyful holiday season, a number of homeowners start to decorate their houses with sparkling and dancing Christmas lights. They start thinking about their Christmas trees, while some are still looking for their old Christmas decors in their storage rooms. Decorating the house for the holiday does not just add a feeling of warmth and joy to what the season brings but also allows one to deliver these emotions to onlookers. One great way to extend this feeling of joy and warmth to others is through decorating the house with Jim Shore Santas.

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Jim Shore Santas are Santa figurines that are designed by Jim Shore. His Santas are made from stone resin and are folk-art inspired. The products have cracks on the surface thus making them look like they were carved from a wooden block. Every figurine has a nostalgic appeal and carries with it a number of welcoming country colors. Anyone who sees them positioned either in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or terrace surely feels that it is the season to be jolly!

The Santa collection by Jim Shore comes in different designs that reflect all sorts of Santas performing different actions. In some of Shore’s Santas, you can find a Santa talking to the animals. While others of the Heartwood Creek Santas are carrying bags of presents. There is even a Santa holding the Baby Jesus, to remind us what truly is the reason for the season.

Every Santa figurine is unique, due to the fact that every one of them is hand-painted. The Santa collection can be placed almost everywhere in the house. Jim Shore has his trademark quilting patterns on every one of the figurines in his Santa collection. Even on his Disney Santas!

It’s probably obvious to Jim Shore collectors: He loves Christmas! Having said that, then it’s no surprise that he has a rather large assortment of Santa Clauses.

The Jim Shore Santas come in many forms. There are figurines and ornaments, some are alone, some are with Mrs. Claus, some are with animals (including a few favorite Christmas time animals like his reindeer), and there are even “Santa scenes.” The “Santa scenes” include places like his workshop and a bakery.

Santa can be found laying down, standing up, or sitting. He can be working, eating, or snoozing. It seems that Jim Shore has covered all of the bases when it comes to Santa!