Jim Shore September

Artist Jim Shore has become one of the country’s foremost creators of decorative figurines due in large part to his versatility. While unmistakably distinct and recognizable as Shore’s work, his designs cover a wide variety of decor needs, with figures ranging from Santa Claus to perhaps his most high-profile work with classic Disney characters. The Jim Shore September collectibles have his trademark quilting patterns, and feature September’s birthstone (the Sapphire) and it’s flower (the Aster).

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Throughout his many collections, seasonal themes are often touched upon, capturing the essence and color of the year. For the month of September, that means harvest season, mild weather and the beginning of Autumn. Appropriately, there are several Jim Shore collectibles made specifically to reflect this month.

The Jim Shore September Angel figurine has several features intended to represent the month, including a sapphire necklace — the birth stone of September. The stone resin and Swarovski stone Angel also carries a basket of Asters, with a hand-painted blue skirt that reads “September” at the bottom.

Similarly, the September Tinker Bell figurine is shown smelling an aster flower, with the sapphire birthstone around her neck. It is also hand-painted in shades of blue throughout her shoes, dress and wings. Both of these figurines make perfect gifts for any loved one with September as their birth month.

Another Jim Shore February collectible perfect to represent the change in seasons is the Purrfectly Picked-Apple Picking Cat. This stone resin figurine pays tribute to the month of September and the beginning of the Harvest Season with a cat wearing farmer’s garb, sitting atop a barrel spilling over with fresh-picked apples. The hand painted reds and greens of the figurine also reflect the tone of this time of year.