Jim Shore October

Decorative collectibles are items that people with a wide variety of tastes can enjoy. Small collectibles and figurines are charming items that come in all sorts of different themes and sizes. There are very feminine pieces, such as small delicate fairies. There are also pieces such as sport characters for young men. One of the greatest brands of decorative collectibles is the Jim Shore collectibles. And, lucky for us, there is a collection of Jim Shore October figurines!

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The Jim Shore line features two staples each month, the monthly Tinker Bell figurine and the Jim Shore monthly angel. Jim Shore has not let us down for the month of October!

The Jim Shore Heartwood Creek October Angel has beautiful, pastel colors depicting Shore’s traditional quilting patterns. This sweet brunette angel is holding a basket full of the month of October’s flowers, Marigolds. She also dons October’s birthstone, the Opal, on a pendant around her neck.

Jim Shore is known for amazing and unique decorative collectibles that are sold worldwide for very affordable prices. Some of the most popular Jim Shore items are the decorative angel figurines. These figurines are very intricate and detailed, despite their small size. These angels are adorned with beautiful wings and a colorful and beautifully designed base.

The Jim Shore Heartwood Creek October Tinker Bell also poses with the month of October’s flower, only Tinker Bell, who is known as a mischievous sprite, looks quite playful, as if she is guarding a secret. Tinker Bell has October’s birthstone, the Opal, hanging from her necklace.

Jim Shore collectibles are great for people of any age. No matter what the occasion is, a Jim Shore decorative collectible makes the absolute perfect gift. Also in the Jim Shore October fine decorative collectibles line are all of his wonderful Halloween and  the Jim Shore Fall / Autumn collection.