Jim Shore November

In the world of art and collectible figurines, quality is of the utmost importance. But how can someone be sure of the craftsmanship and quality of a particular piece? The answer lies in the reputation of the artists. Products that stand the test of time are created by artists with name value, who have been practicing their craft for years or even decades. Jim Shore is just such an artist. Lucky for us, Jim Shore has specialized in making beautiful figurines that we can decorate our homes with, that are affordable. And, the Jim Shore November fine decorative figurines are beautiful ways of decorating a home during the month that is best known for Thanksgiving.

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Jim Shore is from the American south and has been manufacturing quality folk art and figurines his entire life. Jim Shore collectibles are handcrafted down to the finest detail, and stand the quality test of time. The exquisite craftsmanship of these collectibles have made them popular across the globe. Those looking for a gift for a special occasion need look no further than Jim Shore collectibles.

In fact, Jim Shore is releasing a limited line of monthly collectibles that are perfect gifts for loved ones. Each month of the year, two different collectibles are released. These collectibles follow an angel theme and a Tinker Bell theme.

These angels in the Heartwood Creek line are perfect for those who appreciate craftsmanship and are collectors of quality figurines. Just looking at the elegant angel wings and basket of colorful flowers, one knows just how much love and work went into producing the angel line. Of course, since the Jim Shore November Angel is representing November, her necklace features November’s birthstone, the Topaz. And, the November Angel’s basket is full of Chrysanthemums, November’s flower.

Not to be outdone, the Jim Shore November Tinker Bell insists on wearing a Topaz pendant in her necklace. Tinker Bell seems quite happy to be holding November’s special flower, the Chrysanthemum. And, she appears to be quite comfortable sitting in a petal, on top of her November’s pedestal!

(The Jim Shore November fine decorative collectibles line also includes many different cornucopias, and Harvest / Thanksgiving Day figurines.)