Jim Shore May

One name in American craftsmanship stands out for the sheer quality of artistic products: Jim Shore. Jim Shore is an American artist who is deeply influenced by the folk art of the south. His products and artwork transcends regions and become something uniquely American and of the utmost quality.

Jim Shore Quilting Patterns

The origins of Jim Shore’s artwork and collectibles are steeped in history. The first settlers to the new world brought with them their detailed decorative techniques and commonly created lovely and functional decorative items for their homes. This tradition has continued over the years and Jim Shore has embraced this standard in his own work. This tradition, work ethic and artistic style has led to some of the finest art around.

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Not only is Jim Shore famous for his quilting patterns, but he has created some of the most intricately designed and detailed figurines in the nation. Customers all over the world are enamored with the exquisite craftsmanship put into these figurines. Many homes across the country boast collections of beautiful Jim Shore handcrafted figurines.

The women in Jim’s early childhood were quilters, and influenced his love of the art form. He incorporates quilting patterns into every one of his sculptured pieces of artwork. He first sculpts the collectible items, a mold is then made, and after the figurines have been made, they are hand-painted. This ensures that each figurine is uniquely its own.

Jim Shore May Tinker Bell and Angel

Jim Shore makes both monthly angels, and monthly Tinker Bells. (Yes, that’s right, Tinker Bell, as in the little Pixie from Pinocchio.) The Jim Shore May angel is painted in beautiful shades of green. She holds a basket full of Lilies of the Valley in her hands, and wears a necklace with an emerald stone in it that shimmers and glows.

The Jim Shore May Tinker Bell is also dressed in green, and has an emerald necklace. She holds several Lilies of the Valley stalks in her arms.