Jim Shore March

Jim Shore combines his unique eye for art with his talent to produce amazing art pieces. His works are a collaboration of Folk Art and vibrant colors to create modern traditional pieces. Jim Shore March products are created by hand with Jim’s own clear visions. His style is described as heart crafted. His visions come to life in vibrant colors and unique designs depicting a specific theme. Cultural heritages are outlined thoroughly through his vision.

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The creations available in Jim Shore’s March collections are detailed, clear, and beautiful. His collectibles are very desirable and a must-have for many of his devoted collectors. There are beautiful collectibles available for every season and every occasion. Jim Shore’s Marsh collectibles can be the centerpiece of any home’s decor or holiday theme.

Jim Shore has two special items in each of his monthly lines. Jim Shore is very famous for his beautifully crafted angels, which could be the reason that each month is represented by a beautiful Jim Shore angel. Since the March flower is the Daffodil, Jim’s March angel has a basket of daffodils draped from her arm. Because Jim Shore features his beloved quilting designs (that he grew up with) the angels dress is full of daffodil-inspired quilting patterns. Also, the angel has an Aquamarine – the March birthstone – hanging from her neck.

Jim Shore’s other special monthly line is Walt Disney’s Tinker Bell. (Because of the fine craftsmanship all of Shore’s items have, the Disney corporation has allowed Jim to feature their exclusive characters in his artwork.) Tinker Bell also has the Aquamarine stone, as well as the daffodil flowers.