Jim Shore June

The Jim Shore June Angel is representative of those who were born during the lovely summer month of June. Hand painted and decorated with intricate detail, the Jim Shore June angel carries a basket of June roses on her arm. Her unique “angel” friends include hand painted angels representing birthdays for each month of the year.

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Jim Shore June angels bloom with the beauty of rose blossoms. Her pink blouse and skirt are adorned with beautiful faux stones and she wears a pearl necklace around her neck. Her basket holds dainty roses and the month “June” is printed in fine detail at the bottom of her skirt. She actually shimmers and shines with the color of the June birthstone making her an attractive addition to any angel collection. For those of you who don’t know, the pearl is June’s birthstone. So of course Jim Shore has made this beautiful angel’s necklace very special with its pearl.

Jim Shore doesn’t stop with monthly angels. The Jim Shore collection also feautres monthly Tinker Bells. Jim’s June Tinker Bell is quite the pixie! She is posed on one knee, while holding a rose in her arms. As with everything Tinker Bell does, we can’t be quite sure whether she is holding the rose in order to give it to us, or she is holding the rose so that we can’t take it!

Tinker Bell’s little outfit is in a beautiful shade of pink, which is lighter, but matches the same color family as her rose. Just like Jim Shore’s June angel, June’s Tinker Bell is wearing a necklace. June’s birthstone, the pearl, hangs from Tinker Bell’s gold chain.

Every young (or older!) girl wants something to remember her birthday by, and a Jim Shore June angel or Tinker Bell is that perfect gift. These Jim Shore monthly angels and Tinker Bells make wonderful, memorable heirloom decorative pieces that can be treasured keepsakes.