Jim Shore January

Jim Shore grew up in the south where he developed a keen interest in patchwork quilts and the stories their designs told. This interest soon developed into a creativity that expresses itself through the wonderful world of charm and fantasy that Jim has created with his figurines that are made of a compound called polyresin. This is a material that is often used to make figurines and statues, and is even used in decorative parts of furniture. Polyresin in pretty sturdy and can therefore be molded into intricate designs and features that will last a very, very long time.

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One of Jim’s most beloved figures was made especially for the month of January. He has crafted a beautiful angel, the perfect showcase for the crystal necklace she wears. Fashioned into the delicate necklace is a simulated garnet, January’s birthstone. A halo above her head gives her that special and serene look. In her arms there is a basket filled with beautiful January birthday carnations.

Another Jim Shore January figurines is the whimsical characters from the wonderful world of Disney. Each month, Shore has brought us a Tinker Bell, who also has a garnet crystal in her necklace. January’s Tinker Bell has her holding a pink carnation, January’s birth flower.

Jim Shore first sculpts his pieces out of wood, and then paints them exactly as he thinks they should be painted. Once he finishes his fine decorative collectibles, he then has molds made so that the items can be made into polyresin figurines. These are then hand-painted exactly as Jim Shore envisioned them. The polyresin is fashioned in such a way that the delicate lines give the impression that the piece has been carved from wood. Even abnormalities that were found in the wood sculptures Jim designed are kept in the items.

The one thing that Jim Shore wants most to achieve from his work is a connection to those who see it. Many people have expressed the feelings that come over them when they see a particular piece that has special meaning for an important event in their life.