Jim Shore December

Jim Shore is known for his intricate crafting of small stone resin statues, which sell for a very reasonable price and are commonly prized among people who enjoy collecting small and artfully crafted pieces. Jim Shore’s company is called Heartwood Creek, and they are known for crafting small figurines, which include many characters from popular companies such as Disney. The Jim Shore December figurines are also included amongst his line of fine collectibles.

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Jim Shore is also known for his seasonal and holiday figurines, as well as his monthly fine collectibles. Shore produces a monthly angel, and a monthly Tinker Bell, both of which can be great home decors for their given months. Both Shore’s monthly Tinkerbell and monthly angels have their months’ specific crystal birthstones and flowers.

The Jim Shore December angel is commonly collected among those who enjoy high quality figurines, at affordable prices for any home decorator or collector. One of the main features about the Jim Shore December collection is how the pieces are painted. Each piece is painted with such precision and shows that it definitely took a large amount of time to construct this piece.

Collectors and decorators also enjoy the unique design of each monthly figurine, especially the December edition. The piece is artfully crafted featuring the birthstone as well as the flower for the month of December. A beautiful blue Tanzanite hangs from necklaces on both the December angel and Tinker Bell. Shore’s December angel features an elegant dress that is designed with Shore’s traditional quilting patterns. The Jim Shore December angel is holding a basket with December’s flowers in it, the Narcissus. She is simply beautiful!

The Jim Shore December Tinker Bell is found sitting on a pedestal, holding a Narcissus, with a clear blue Tanzanite hanging from her necklace. This may be one of the times that Tinker Bell actually sits long enough to gaze into the sky, as if she is actually thinking about something beautiful. This little sprite is a doll!

And, of course, if you are really in the mood to decorate for the entire month of December, the Jim Shore December collection also includes a wonderful line of Christmas figurines, Nativities, snowmen,  and woodland critters.