Jim Shore April

The art of Jim Shore has delighted collectors for decades. His unique method of using pastel colors and quilting patterns to create memorable decorative collectibles sets him apart. Fans of his trademark style of traditional folk art look forward to each new collection he introduces.

The angel figurine is a favorite Jim Shore medium, and the Heartwood Creek monthly angel series has been popular since the line’s introduction in 2008. These hand painted angels bears unique, decorative elements for the month represented.

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Cascading brown hair frames the April angel’s rose colored face beautifully contrasting with her white robe and upswept wings. Subtle hints of blue accent the whites, and flowering swirls of greens, yellows and blues enhance the cream field of the lower portion of the robe. As with each angel in the monthly collection, Shore inscribes the name of the month along the base of the figurine, and because these are hand-painted, no two are exactly alike.

Shore distinguishes each monthly angel by incorporating the month’s birthstone and flower into each figurine. April’s flower, the daisy, has long been a symbol of spring, and bouquets of this elegant white flower grace the angel’s robe. Beautiful daisies also fill the basket carried in the angel’s right arm. A diamond necklace drapes from the angel’s neck paying a sparkling tribute to April’s precious birthstone. These touches make the April angel a perfect birthday gift for the special April Birthday person.