Jim Shore Fall / Jim Shore Autumn

From the vibrant colors of changing leaves to the bright blue sky, fall is one of the most lovely times of the year. Jim Shore has captured the beauty of this changing season in his incredible autumn collection. Whether you want to decorate for fall, harvest or even Halloween, Jim Shore offers pieces that will accent your home beautifully.

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Jim Shore has won numerous awards for his innovative American folk art pieces. The various themes, colors and styles of Jim’s work ensure that there is something for everyone, and his autumn pieces are no exception.

If you are searching for versatile decorations that you can use during the entire fall season, check out the Autumn’s Bounty and Autumn’s Splendor pieces. Autumn’s Bounty is a plaque shaped like a maple leaf with a beautiful harvest design. This piece is made out of iron and stone resin. Autumn’s Bounty has a coordinating diorama and votive candle holder.

Autumn’s Splendor is a gorgeous figurine that is also in the shape of a maple leaf. The leaf cradles an intricately designed fall town scene. You will marvel in the beauty of the charming homes and lovely church. Autumn’s Bounty alongside Autumn’s Splendor, with the optional votive candle holder complete a beautiful fall display.

Many people think of harvest when they think of autumn, and Jim Shore has several artistic pieces that reflect the harvest theme. The Set of 3 Stacked Pumpkins figurines are general enough to be displayed during the whole fall season. These whimsical pieces make the perfect centerpieces for any dining table.

The cornucopia is a traditional symbol of autumn’s harvest. The Country Bounty Cornucopia figurine by Jim Shore combines the beauty of cornucopia with an impressive diorama. This diorama features a farmhouse, fruits, vegetables and other symbols of an abundant harvest. It is the perfect depiction of all that we have to be thankful for during the autumn season.

Regardless of the piece you look at, you are sure to be impressed with Jim Shore’s artistic talent and flair. Each figurine is a unique reflection of quality American folk art.