Jim Shore Basket

A Jim Shore basket makes an excellent addition for any collector of the Heartwood Creek series. Each item is designed and created to resemble hand carved wood, both in appearance and texture. The warm colors add a touch of vibrancy to each piece.

The Jim Shore baskets are designed for many holidays and special occasions, such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They make terrific keepsakes. Such unique folk art items can serve as symbols for special, important moments in any person’s life.

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Any piece makes a lovely decoration for a table, mantle, or shelf. Some of the larger items can even serve as a centerpiece for a table on special events or holidays. Many people who consider themselves collectors of these items treasure each piece and pass them down to loved ones. And, the Jim Shore baskets are perfect to have on display, perhaps filled with colorful excelsior, holding some holiday appropriate ornaments or filled with holiday candies.

The look of any decorative craft from the Heartwood Creek collection is a distinct country, Americana appeal. The paint colors are chosen specifically to highlight the beauty of the item and maintain the folk art quality. The decorative pieces evoke feelings of nostalgia and warmth.

Since all of the items crafted and designed by this particular artist share a similar look, you can mix and match to display them together. Each holiday season can be enhanced with the whimsy and charm of such sweet decorative baskets. The variety of items available, including garden accents, tree ornaments, wall hangings, statues, and more, shows that there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Jim Shore basket is an excellent piece to add to a collection. It could also be the first piece that a person receives, and this could spark a love for acquiring and collecting new designs. This is a folk art line that warms hearts. As with all of the Jim Shore figurines and items, Shore includes his beloved quilt patterns into each piece. Jim Shore grew up in a family in which all of the women quilted. To him, the quilting patterns have been a consistency throughout his life. Even if you aren’t a quilt fanatic, you will see just how much color these quilting patterns bring to the Jim Shore baskets.