Jim Shore Angel

Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore features many beautiful items with which you can decorate your own home or give as gifts so that other people can decorate theirs. Probably the most popular Jim Shore fine decorative collectibles are his angels.

Jim Shore’s angels are pieces of Americana artwork. They are beautiful art pieces that have scenes within scenes decorating them. These scenes are painted using different quilting patterns, which in turn make the angels very colorful.

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Jim Shore’s angels can be found in several different forms: snow globes, dioramas, figurine/statues, and ornaments. There are angels that represent different months, seasons, holidays and special occasions, professions, and emotions.

If you are familiar with the Jim Shore Heartwood Creek line of fine, decorative collectibles, and you had to pick just one figurine type that you think exemplifies Jim Shore’s figurines, you would probably say it is the Jim Shore Angels.  A Jim Shore angel is covered with beautiful quilting patterns, and there is probably an angel for any type of emotion you would want to share. There is a Healing Angel who offers hope to those who are in need of hope. There are patriotic angels who also convey hope and pride.

Jim Shore Angels have the signature Jim Shore quilt hand painted onto their robes. They also depict special scenes that blend in beautifully to the quilting patterns.

There are Jim Shore seasonal angels that hold baskets full of each season’s bounty. There are Christmas and Easter angels. Also, each month has a special angel who has both the month’s birthstone and the month’s specific flower.

As with all of his figurines and other collectibles, Jim Shore first sculpts the item out of wood. Once the item (in this case, the angel) is exactly how Shore envisioned it, he makes a mold, which is then used to make the figurines. Each figurine is hand painted, which means that each one will be unique. There is a lot of attention paid to details, which make these Jim Shore angels beautiful collectibles for any home.