Jim Shore

Jim Shore is an award-winning artist who continues to create artwork for displaying in homes and yards around the world. Antique quilts inspire many of his collections, and favorite themes include Angels, Noah’s Ark, Disney, and other children’s stories. The Heartwood Creek collectibles by Jim Shore are sold through many different sources, with special pieces available only through certain stores.

Jim Shore Collectible Lines

Through the years, Jim has produced many different collectible lines. Some of the more popular Jim Shore collectibles include Disney collectible figurines, snowmen, and angels, which are Jim’s trademark collectibles. Jim not only makes beautiful figurine collectibles, but also dioramas, picture frames and many other types of art.

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The art of Jim Shore has won many awards. Some of these include NALED Rising Star 2000, NALED Artist of the Year 2003, 2004 and 2005, NALED Christmas Décor of the Year 2004 and 2005 and NALED Christmas Collectible of the Year 2003 and 2005. Jim Shore credits his success to inspiration, a lifetime of dedication, and plain hard work. In addition, he admits much of the success is simply due to good fortune.

Jim Shore’s Dedication Pays Off

While it was always a dream of Shore to be an artist, living life did not always allow this to be possible. Having studied engineering and receiving a degree in business, he found it necessary to support his family as an engineer. Much of his spare time was spent improving his skills as a painter and sculptor. Moving from engineer to artist took several financial setbacks and failed attempts before finally hitting a working combination that has grown to produce the Jim Shore collectibles loved by many today.

Jim Shore’s Inspiration

The artwork of Shore draws from his South Carolina roots. His artistic parents helped to inspire a love of American Folk art and traditional images. His grandmother, a master quilter, taught him a love for this craft. He has a collection of quilts that date back as far as 150 years and he enjoys visiting quilt shows today for further inspiration for his work.

Jim Shore’s Incorporation of Quilting Patterns Into His Artwork

An angel featuring sisters as friends has her skirt adorned with a quilt pattern known as a friendship knot. Another angel featuring silhouettes of a mother and daughter has a skirt adorned with a quilt pattern called Mother’s Own. A Noah’s ark angel holds the arc as the animals are off-loading and features a skirt adorned in a quilt pattern known as Home Again. Early American tole painting with simple, yet elegant beauty serves as another inspiration to Shore.

History of Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek Development

From a first show with a few pieces and no plan for shipping, Designs Americana grew to a company with more than 350 employees – unable to fill all their orders within three years. Soon Jim Shore found that he was spending more time focused on management of his budding new company than on his art. In order to move back to the part of the business he loved, the artwork, he formed a partnership with Enesco. In 2000, Shore entered into agreement with Enesco to create the Heartwood Creek line. These seasonal and everyday accessories brought his art to worldwide attention.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek and Walt Disney Company

The Jim Shore and Walt Disney connection began in 2005. The unique style of Shore is applied to the iconic characters of Disney including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Pinocchio, and many more. Shore uses the same techniques from his angels and other collections to create Disney princesses and other characters. The attention to detail in the Jim Shore Disney Traditions has made this collection highly popular.

Jim uses the same techniques of applying classic designs from quilts or other flat art to increase the beauty of these objects. At the current time, over $50 million of these Jim Shore Disney collectible items have been sold. Collectors find them on the internet, at Disney theme parks, and in retail stores.

Jim Shore Collectibles’ Availability

Collectors should have little trouble finding stores that carry their favorite Jim Shore collectibles. They are distributed through 25,000 stores around the world. In addition, Shore’s works are offered through a home shopping network, as well as the internet. Thousands of consumers search the internet monthly to find products produced by Jim Shore.

Jim Shore’s Artwork Stands Out

Jim’s works are instantly recognizable due to their unique use of color and patterns. Due to the popularity of many items, collectors soon learn that an item found in a shop might not be there the next day and might be difficult to locate online.

Jim offers a selective licensing program that introduces new products that have high standards of quality and exclusive dealership. For example, he has entered into one such agreement with Lowe’s stores. One of the products from this line is a hummingbird feeder. Unlike his other products, the angel hummingbird feeder features a clear glass skirt for the angel that holds the red hummingbird nectar. When filled, this provides the angel with a ruby red skirt that allows the sun to shine through creating a beautiful piece of yard art.

Jim Shore Colonial Williamsburg Collectibles

Collectors may also enjoy some of Jim Shore’s Colonial Williamsburg Collection or his Christmas art featuring unique Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer collections. In addition, Elvis fans will find that their favorite musician has not escaped Shore’s artwork. These items of folk art make interesting conversation pieces for display in the home during the holidays as well as the remainder of the year.

Jim Shore Use of Colors and Patterns

Shore’s works feature color as well as patterns. Some collections may feature colonial or antique colors while others feature jewel tones. Sometimes Shore chooses colors that happen to strike his fancy at the time. This can lead to unusual color combinations that add to the uniqueness of the collection.

Jim Shore offers collectible art that is rapidly becoming a favorite of many. Whether consumers select his Jim Shore Disney collection or other pieces, one of these pieces of art will lead them to want more. The award-winning artist offers art to bring Americana to the world.

Jim Shore Collectible Artwork

Jim Shore is an artist who has incorporated the artistic flavors he grew up with into every piece of his creations. His grandmother was an exceptionally gifted quilter, and she passed on her love of the American craft of quilting. It is this love of quilting which characterizes Jim Shore’s decorative collectibles.

Jim Shore’s Heartwood Creek figurines and artwork all include different quilting patterns. Shore has often said that because he wasn’t trained in art (he is an engineer by training) he has been able to make the type of artistic creations that he wants to make, rather than the type of art that schooling dictates with its rules.

Shore goes with what he likes, what he finds pleasing, in short, what he feels is right! And, the wonderful Heartwood Creek decorative collectibles by Jim Shore make his innate artistic genius apparent to all of us!