Hummel Collectibles

Hummel Collectibles is probably the most recognizable name in fine decorative collectibles. Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, a German nun, is the inspiration on which Franz Goebel based his figurines. M. I. Hummel figurines were made by Goebel after he saw the wonderful artwork of Sister Maria Innocentia, with her beautiful depictions of children.

The beautiful Hummel collectibles are made out of porcelain. The figurines that are probably the most popular are of young children, although Hummel also has other styles of figurines and ornaments. The soft colors used in the Hummel line bring the figurines to life.

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Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel (Berta Hummel)

Berta Hummel was born in Bavaria in the early 1900s. Her family emphasized art and music, and Berta soon discovered her talent for art. In her early adulthood, she enrolled in art school. While attending school, she met two Franciscan nuns. The nuns inspired her to join the sisterhood and she became Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel (M.I. Hummel) in Munich. During this time, her paintings and sketches of happy children were featured on greeting cards.

The greeting cards inspired Franz Goebel, owner of a porcelain company, to approach Berta with the idea of creating porcelain figures inspired by her drawings. An agreement was made, giving the convent artistic control. The Convent of Siessen still gives final approval on all Hummel figurines.

The figurines were introduced in a trade fair before World War II, where they became instantly popular. The delight of success did not last long. The Nazis took control of the convent and the sisters were forced to live in a small, damp basement. This is where Berta contracted chronic tuberculosis and died at age 37.

Goebel continued to produce the figures, which became a favorite of American soldiers to take home as mementos. The figurines quickly became collectibles in the United States. The word Hummel translates from German to English as “Bumble Bee”, which depicts the life of Berta very well. The bumble bee is still the official trademark for these Goebel porcelain figures known as M.I. Hummels. Hummels continue to be a part of the American collectible tradition.

Franz Goebel, Creator of M. I. Hummel Fine Collectibles

One of the most popular collectible items of the past seventy plus years has been the M.I Hummel figurines and collectible plates. These little figurines can be found all over the world. Many are not aware of the man who helped to bring these sources of joy to a war-wearied globe.

Franz Goebel, the son of Max Louis and grandson of his namesake Franz Goebel Sr., took over control of the family porcelain and pottery business in 1929. The circumstances of this rise to power were sad. His father, who had led the company through the difficult years of World War I had just died. The W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik Company was fighting to survive at that time. The company was facing the massive inflation that was afflicting Germany and also the threat of Nazism. Goebel would continually be on the lookout for any and all business venture that could help to save the nearly sixty year old family business. For a while the factory produced not only porcelain figurines but also ashtrays and lamps, as well as a wide assortment of other items.

It was in 1934 that Goebel finally struck gold. He saw a postcard while visiting the town of Munich. The card depicted the artwork of a Franciscan nun, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. Goebel soon contacted her and arranged (with her approval) to produce figurines based upon her drawings. The figurines were launched in 1935 and were an instant success.

Over the years, the company would produce millions of these well loved collectibles. Goebel would help expand the company’s reach all around the world. In one of his final moves, in 1951, he contracted with Walt Disney to produce figurines based upon Disney characters. Goebel would soon pass away. Though he is gone, his influence still impacts the way the company is run – even up until today.

Hummel Figurines 

When you hear the word Hummel, most people think of fine decorative collectibles. Hummel is famous for its porcelain figurines. In 1876 Franz Goebel opened a porcelain factory in Germany. His son and grandson assisted in the expansion of the factory. Around 1930, there was a lot of political unrest and Franz thought it would be a good idea to have a line of porcelain figurines that depicted the innocence of childhood. It was at that time that Franz met a nun named Maria Innocentia Hummel, an artist who trained at the Munich Academy. He was instantly impressed with her art and worked with her to create the figurines known as Hummels. Goebel and Hummel worked together until Hummel’s death in 1946 at the age of 37. Goebel was granted exclusive rights to create the figurines from Hummel’s artwork.

Goebel continued to create figurines, plates and bells each with the Hummel markings. The changes that the markings have taken over the years can cause some pieces to soar in value. There are many Hummel collectors who know how to tell what time period each marking is from.

Some of the figurines can be quite rare and valuable. All Hummel’s are considered collectible and hold different value. If you are uncertain of the value of your Hummel’s you should take them to an appraiser for an accurate assessment. There is a lot of history behind these porcelain figurines so it may be worth it to find out if you have any valuable pieces in your collection.

Hummel Christmas Decorations

Everyone wants to have beautiful Christmas decorations. The holidays are a time when family members gather to celebrate, and an important part of this celebration is (of course) the decorations! Hummel Christmas decorations offer a number of charming and high quality figurines. These figurines come in various shapes and sizes from the 4″ “Christmas Duet” (which features a boy and a girl happily caroling) figurine to the 9″ “Ride into Christmas” figurine (which depicts a boy merrily riding a sled with a small Christmas tree behind him). These decorations are truly collectors’ items that can be enjoyed for years.

Hummel decorations strive to portray the joy that the holiday season brings and what better example to show the joy of the season than the “Wonder of Christmas” figurine? This figurine stands 7″ tall and portrays a young boy and girl next to an adorable teddy bear staring in awe at a beautiful Christmas tree. A figurine that captures the thrill of giving is the “Christmas Delivery” figurine which portrays a little girl happily riding a sled with presents to give to her loved ones.

Christmas is a time to spread hope. It’s amazing how children can inspire hope in such a huge way. The “Christmas Wish” figurine does just that with a little girl holding a teddy bear in front of a fireplace. Her incredibly detailed face embodies the vision of hope that the Christmas season tends to bring. A counterpart to the “Christmas Wish” figurine, “Christmas Time Scape” features a girl standing in front of a grandfather clock marveling at a present she received.

The holidays are an important time of year for everyone. Christmas decorations display the importance of the season. Hummel Christmas decorations are among the best decorations to display meaning. These decorations go above and beyond the mere light show that other decorations display. Hummel Christmas decorations provide a warm feeling of excitement and awe. Hummel Christmas decorations provide something other decorations do not, and that is character. No matter what the message that needs to be conveyed. Hummel Christmas decorations can portray it with a memorable figurine.

Hummel Easter Decorations

Countless individuals are eagerly awaiting the newest M.I. Hummel Easter decorations. Many individuals collect Hummel figurines and plates. These collectibles are a treasured part of many families’ collections. The M.I. Hummel figurines have been produced by the company for over seventy years. These decorative figurines are all based upon the drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. These fine-made German collectibles are sure to be treasured for years to come.

M.I. Hummel has produced the four following decorative figurines for the Easter holiday time period. Here is a short description of the four decorative figurines.

The first offering is called “Easter Time.” This small, exquisite, and beautifully handcrafted figurine shows the touching moment when two cute, little girls encounter a beautiful bunny rabbit. The figurine displays the love and affection the children hold for the lovely, little rabbit.

The next offering is called “Easter Morning with Favorite Pet” this offering shows the tender moment between a little girl and her little lamb. The vivid hand-painted colors are a treat for the eyes. This figurine evokes a warm and pleasant image that is sure to be loved by all who see it.

The next Hummel is offering a cute and touching scene between a little boy and his little chicks. This piece is entitled “Easter Greetings ”

The Hummel “Easter’s Coming” is a lovingly detailed figurine which captures a little boy while he is coloring some Easter eggs. The bright colors of the eggs and the boys’ excited look are beautifully rendered.

Hummel Non-Figurine Items

Hummel offers a variety in their line of products. Products include music boxes, Hummel prints, and Hummel trinket boxes, as well as plates, cups, and paintings. For anyone who loves the glory, the hand-painted craftsmanship, and the beauty exemplified by the adorable children in the artwork of Hummel, these are definitely pieces that should be added to your collection. Some of these items can be more affordable than the figurines. These products are not just important pieces for collectors; they are also beautiful additions to anyone’s home.

Hummel water globes can be found with your favorite hand-painted figurine surrounded by water with swirling glitter. Bases of the globes are decorated with amazing details. To make them even more special, the water globes play a tune relevant to the scene.

Hummel ornaments are special pieces to add to holiday decorations, and will be cherished for generations to come. The ornaments can be found in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Some examples are angels and stars. Your tree will be filled with the heart-warming charm of Christmas in Bavaria. You can even decorate your entire house with the charm these ornaments bring.

Hummel Bells produced by Goebel are one of the most recognized and collected items in the Hummel Collectibles line. Hummel bells were produced in a series annually starting in 1978. Every bell is hand-painted and sculpted out of porcelain. Many of the themes and children found on the bells are the same one found on other Hummel products. Most of the bells stand alone, but some can be hung on the Christmas tree as ornaments.