Fine Decorative Collectibles

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Why Are People So Interested In Decorative Collectibles?

Just what are collectibles (aka collectables) and why do they capture the interest of so many of us?

Collectibles are exactly what the term implies: They are things that we want to collect. We can buy them, receive them as gifts, or trade for them.

Just what are collectibles?

Many years ago, there was an incredible amount of interest in sports cards which came in the wrappers of bubble gum. These sports cards are a wonderful example of collectibles. People wanted to accumulate all of their favorite team members’ cards, or perhaps they wanted to collect all of the cards. Collectibles are things that we want to “collect.” Of course, most of them have the dual role of being something that we would want displayed in our homes or offices. They are made in a series of items that go together naturally.

Some items became collectibles by accident.

Of course, some things didn’t start out with that purpose… take the Barbie dolls. Who would have guessed that they would be traded, as well as bought and sold by third parties? A lot of us must look back fondly at our Barbie dolls and wonder why we didn’t have the foresight to save them in their original boxes!

And of course, there are rock collections.

So, what about rock collections? Many children have rock collections. Does the fact that children are scavenging their neighborhoods for rocks to put in their “treasure boxes” make the rocks collectibles? No. Typically, collectibles are items that were actually made with the sole purpose of adding to a collection. Or they are items that have increased in value, making them collectibles.

Some folks even collect bubble gum wrappers.

In some instances, such as the bubble gum wrapper sports cards, the seller of a specific item (in this case the bubble gum) uses another item (in this case the sports cards) to provide an incentive for the public to pick their item over other brands that are readily available. The bubble gum manufacturer is relying on some people to want to complete a given set.

These days, collecting is easy.

Nowadays, the Internet has made collecting very easy – sites such as Ebay contain listings that cover the full range of fine collectibles from Jim Shore to Waterford crystal. And, it is easy to browse through the listings to find just what you are looking for. And, of course, there is always Google to help too.

Ask any fine decorative collectibles collector why she collects and you will more than likely hear about the enjoyment she gets out of the complete experience. It is very doubtful that you will hear anything but the enthusiastic praise of what her particular collectible has brought to her life!