Herend Bunny Collection

The Herend Bunny porcelain china collection is a collection of figurines that come in many different styles and patterns. The solid white bunny figure has red eyes and is sitting in a natural pose. The are other figurines that have the “fishnet” pattern; these patterns come in many different colors: rust, blue, lime and red are among the most popular colors. If you do not want the “fishnet pattern” there are other bunny figurines that come in natural colors like white or chocolate brown.

The Herend Bunny collection comes in many different poses as well. There are figurines of standing, sitting, and even scratching bunnies. Also, there are Herend Bunnies that are perched on lids of other pieces, like coffee pots and trinket boxes. The Herend Bunny collection is timeless. True Herend collectors will often have more than one bunny in their collections. Some collectors choose just to collect the bunny figurines.

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