Harbour Lights Collectibles

The award winning lighthouses from Harbour Lights Collectibles are all hand painted and numbered pieces of a limited edition of lighthouse replicas. The creators made sure that each lighthouse was completely researched in order to produce an accurate sculpture for each lighthouse in all its natural beauty.

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Each year new lighthouses were researched and every intricate detail was charted and drawn up so a sculpture could be made to historically preserve the beauty of each Harbour Lights Collectibles lighthouse. Different lighthouses have been added to the collection each year. Some Harbour Lights Collectibles are signed by the creator and some are now out of production, giving them more value each year. Each lighthouse has its own history as to how and why a lighthouse was built on a particular spot.

Harbour Lights Collectibles Twin Towers of Thacher Island, MA

The Thacher Island lighthouse is an unusual lighthouse with its twin towers protecting ships from a submerged reef. The vessel Watch and Wait ran aground on the reef and the only survivors were Anthony and Elizabeth Thacher. They were awarded the island and named it “Thacher’s Woe.”

The towers originally were 45 feet in height and had an octagonal shape to them. They were constructed out of stone and wood and were lit for the first time on December 21, 1771, and instantaneously named “Ann’s Eyes.”

Over the years the towers have gone through many changes and buildings have been added in order to house the men who controlled the lighthouse. It used to take five men to manage the lights and the fog signal. The brick buildings are still standing today along with the new granite towers that were constructed to only 30 feet at the base, 18 feet up to the lights, and lights that are 10 feet high.

The responsibility of the towers now belongs to The Thacher Island Association. They take care of all the repairs needed and guarantee that “Cape Ann’s Eyes,” will always have a future on Thacher Island.

Iron Tower of Alligator Reef by Harbour Lights Collectibles

In honor of the Navy schooner Alligator of the United States, this tower was built in 1822 for the schooner that went aground on the reef. The lighthouse tower was built four miles up from the reef on Indian Key by a New York company.

The magnificent tower is depicted by Harbour Lights Collectibles standing tall on a rock-like base with a black and white structure to warn all the ships in the area of the reef. A one room area was built high above the water for the keeper of the lighthouse. It only took one man to control the lighthouse until 1963, when Alligator Reef was then automated.

Lighthouse for the Chicago Locks

Just south of the Navy Pier in Chicago stands the Chicago Harbor SE Guide Wall, Illinois. This steel lighthouse is an active navigational tool to help guide vessels in through the locks of Chicago. It was built in 1938. Harbour Lights Collectibles show the tower in its square form painted in white, green and black. The small island also has a tree for some shade.

Barcelona, New York Lighthouse in Full Detail from Harbour Lights Collectibles

Harbour Lights Collectibles has structured the lighthouse of Barcelona to look exactly like the one on the bluff that overlooks the harbor. With all the traffic of the Erie Canal in 1828, a lighthouse was needed to guide the vessels through.

The lighthouse was made of conical beach stone and was 40 feet high with two feet thick walls. The keeper’s home and outhouse was roomy and constructed of rough split stone. The lighthouse had eleven lamps along with 14 inch reflectors. The Barcelona Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built in the world to be able to be powered by natural gas.

Due to the “Great Gale” of 1844, the lighthouse was damaged and gas could not be used. Oil was then used to light up the tower. Barcelona was mostly destroyed and there ended up being no need for the tower. The light was maintained up until 1859 when the light was darkened.

In 1962, a gas company repaired all the lines and relit the tower using natural gas. The Barcelona Light is no longer an active lighthouse used for navigating vessels. The National Register of Historic Places added the Barcelona Lighthouse in 1972. Harbour Lights Collectibles has created a spectacular colored sculpture of the Barcelona Lighthouse, dwellings, trees and beautiful shrubs and flowers of the island.

Harbour Lights Collectibles

Collecting the Harbour Lights Collectibles in all their beauty will lighten up any room of your home with the historical sculptures of lighthouses from around the world. Each piece is done in complete detail and comes with a certificate of authenticity along with being numbered in its own series. You will enjoy telling family and friends all the different stories that go along with each lighthouse you proudly display.

Harbour Lights Company specializes in the detailed replication of lighthouses, ships and boats from all over the world. The products are captivating and it is no wonder that so many people are enamored with these fascinating collectibles. There are collector’s clubs all over the United States. Amazingly, despite the excellent quality and great detail, the collectibles are very reasonably priced. These are affordable for nearly any budget.

Obtaining the incredible work of art is only the beginning. The added touch is the fact that besides enjoying a stunning piece of art, the collector is also enlightened on the history of the collectible’s inspiration. Harbour Lights Company also makes exquisite lighthouse ornaments. An open circular ornament nestles the superbly recreated lighthouse in the center. Some miniature versions of their lighthouses are also available. Other countries’ lighthouses have inspired some of these miniatures.

Harbour Lights Collectibles‘ Anchor Bay Great Ships are beautifully crafted creations. The ships are nicely placed on top of an ocean or ice wave, depending on the type of ship. Nearly everyone has someone in their life who adores lighthouses, ships and/or boats. Any of these would be a wonderful gift for that lighthouse, ship or boat enthusiast on your list.