Halloween Barbie

Halloween Barbie dolls were first introduced to little girls and collectors of Barbie dolls more than ten years ago. Ever since then, with every new Halloween season, comes a new edition of Halloween Barbie. There’s the Party Witch Barbie Doll, the Trick or Treat Barbie Doll, the Medusa Barbie Doll, the Batgirl Collector Barbie Doll, the Halloween Glow Barbie Doll, and even a Barbie as Catwoman.

All of the Barbie dolls are exquisite in their own ways. They are the perfect treat for Halloween. Give them to a special trick or treater, or buy one to add to your own collection of Barbie dolls. Halloween is just a whole lot better whenever Halloween Barbie is there to share in all of the festivities.

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