Hallmark Address Book

The Hallmark Address Book is the perfect gift for that over-organized, or better yet, under-organized friend. The person who is most in need of such a beautiful collectible is that friend or relative who calls annually in preparation for holiday card sending. Hallmark address books not only provide the opportunity to give a much needed gift, but they also offer a diverse selection to ensure that your gift will make even the quirkiest of friends smile at how well it fits his/her personality.

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A Hallmark address book can be found to accent any computer room, office, or even handbag. Just as the designs can be tailored to suit any person’s interests, so can the amazing variety of features from the size to the number and diversity of sections. A plaid or flannel set would be perfect for a grandfather’s hunting cabin! What style would your loved ones enjoy most?

Years ago, address books were miniaturized, itty bitty books. Inside of the books there were alphabetized pages that could not be moved. If you had more friends and family whose last names began with the letter “B” – you had to make due with the two pages of address book gave you to list all of the “B” names. However, things have changed.

Hallmark now offers reusable, or should I say “refillable” address books. Now if you have more friends and family with the “B” letter, you can add more pages to that section of the Hallmark address book. These new address books are spiral bound, which make adding and deleting friends and family members from the Hallmark address book a whole lot easier!