Hallmark Collectibles

When you see the name Hallmark, you immediately think of cards and beautiful items to help decorate your home… decorating your home for a special occasion (like Christmas or the birthday) or simply decorating your home for everyday decor. Some people only think of greeting cards when they think of the Hallmark company. But, for many, Hallmark also reminds many of the Hallmark Collectibles because they are such fine decorative collectible items.

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History of Hallmark Collectibles

The Hallmark Company was founded in 1910, and is a family-owned business. The founder (Joyce C. Hall) and his brothers Rollie and William started by just selling post cards in drugstores and gift stores. That enabled them to open a shop, and then buy an engraving company to print their own creations. the rest is history!

Hallmark Collectibles for Everyone

Hallmark is known for all of their commemorative gifts and figurines. If you have a favorite movie (like The Little Mermaid or Star Wars), chances are there is a line of Hallmark decorative collectibles. When you see their slogan “When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best” it gives you the assurance that you are purchasing a card (or other item) that has a very special message to the receiver and that it is your intention to give them the best you can.

Hallmark Collectibles Christmas Decorations for Homes

Christmas would not the same without the hundreds of Hallmark collectibles ornaments (along with Singing Santa, beautiful Christmas angels, and other Christmas items). And, of course, there are the Hallmark Christmas cards. No doubt you can find the perfect Hallmark card that says exactly whet you want to say to your loved ones.

Hallmark collectibles have a very unique history. While in the beginning only Christmas ornaments were offered, this is no longer the case. Many new lines have been added to the Hallmark collectibles line, and many fans of fine decorative collectibles have embraced these lines over the years – as they are still quite popular.

First Hallmark Collectibles Were the Ornaments

Hallmark started out as a postcard and greeting card company. This took place in the early 1900s. But, this was just the beginning. In 1973, the Hallmark corporation introduced its first line of Christmas tree ornament collectibles. To collectors that have been accustomed to the many television homage pieces, this first line of eighteen ornaments might seem relatively primitive in nature! Six of the tree ornaments were of the stereotypical glass ball design, and the other twelve were simple little figures made from yarn.

Hallmark still maintains tree decorations as it’s most popular lines. It is important to note that the longest running of all the collectible lines is a tree ornament line called, “Frosty and Friends.” This line has, believe it or not, been on the market for over thirty three years! These Frosty and Friends decorations continue to be favorites of many, many people and are considered to be prized treasures amongst the many people within the collector community.

Hallmark Star Trek Collectibles

It was only a matter of time before Hallmark started producing collectible items for some very popular franchises. For example, in 1991 Hallmark introduced the Star Trek themed Christmas ornaments. There are many collectors who enjoy the 1991 Star Ship Enterprise tree ornaments. Ever since ’91, the designs have changed with some of them featuring space ships and others featuring popular characters in different positions. These ornaments remain popular among sci-fi fans and even those who are not that familiar with the genre. The designs featuring characters are very life-like in nature, and the craftsmanship is top of the line!

Hallmark Easter Collectibles

Star Trek offerings were not the only new lines to be established in 1991, this is also the same year that the firm started offering its Spring ornament lines. Hallmark likes to celebrate most holidays through its cleverly designed ornament homages. One very popular example would be the Spring Ornaments that are sold during the Easter season. An entire group of ornaments was released in 1991 to honor spring. Among the many designs were bunnies, Easter eggs, decorative Easter trees, and the coveted plane called, “The Spirit of Easter.” Each year the company releases a group of ornaments to celebrate the Spring season.

Hallmark Halloween Collectibles

While it might be a spooky holiday, Halloween does not go uncelebrated by the folks who create Hallmark collectibles. While Hallmark manufactured, “Merry Miniature” Jack-o-lanterns in 1974, the actual Halloween ornament collections did not begin until 2003. Light-hearted in nature, these ghosts and goblins are friendly for the entire family. Some collections can be joined together into a larger, Hallmark Keepsakes diorama. There are even many Halloween lines of ornaments dedicated solely to the Peanuts characters. These lines have remained quite popular since their initial introduction. There are even Christmas tree ornaments that are Halloween themed. What more could any collector possibly ask for from a manufacturer of ornaments?

Hallmark Collectibles Are Always Changing

The best part about collecting Hallmark collectibles is that one never knows what new lines will pop up! There could be a new line dedicated to a particular season or holiday, or there could be a new line dedicated to one’s favorite television show or movie! Hallmark has remained a master of surprises over its almost forty year run of collectible ornaments! Hallmark understands what most companies do not, that keeping things fresh (and always changing) is the best way to remain a power seller within the collectibles market.

There are so many more types of Hallmark collectibles than the varieties that have been discussed for the purposes of this article. This piece concentrated on ornaments, but Hallmark has so much more to offer a collector! Some people collect the firm’s cards, and even DVDs (or first edition VHSs). Many of these movies are referred to as the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. The firm even has its own cable channel for broadcasting its Hall of Fame movies, classic movies, original programming, and even classic programming that people have continued to enjoy over the years (such as Little House on the Prairie.) Hallmark truly has something for everyone!