Giuseppe Aramani Walt Disney

The Walt Disney name has a reputation of excellence, which is why it is no surprise that they would enter into a contract with one of the makers of the most exquisite fine decorative collectible items available.

The Giuseppe Armani Walt Disney collection of figurines includes some of the most recognizable characters: Flounder & Sebastian (from the Little Mermaid), Alice in Wonderland, Bell (from the Beauty and the Beast), Pinocchio & Figaro, Sleeping Beauty, and even Sneezy from Snow White!

The Giuseppe Armani Walt Disney line includes dogs like Lady (from Lady & the Tramp) and Donald Duck’s Pluto. But, cat lovers are not to be ignored! The Giuseppe Armani Aristocats figurine and Figaro (from Pinocchio) are precious examples of Giuseppe Armani whimsical fun!

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