Giuseppe Armani Collectibles

Giuseppe Armani collectibles are some of the most valuable and most highly prized collectibles in the world today. This popular Florence, Italy sculpture line – by the famous artist Giuseppe Armani – features over twenty collections including Disney, animals and birds, as well as popular gift-giving categories such as weddings, birth of a baby, graduations, professions, clowns, events and relationships.

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The Man Behind the Famous Giuseppe Armani Collectibles

Giuseppe Armani was born in Calci, Italy in 1935 and began to show an inordinate talent for drawing at a very young age. His ability to capture realistic details in his drawings, along with amazing attention paid to detail for someone so young, made his parents realize that he was truly born to be an artist. His work appeared in art exhibitions at a young age and he soon made a name for himself as an excellent artist.

As his talent flourished he realized that by expressing his artistic talent in sculpture, it allowed him to create art in three dimensional form. He was able to express various human emotions through the use of sculpture and gave an almost life-like look to his creations.

Giuseppe Armani Line of Fine Collectibles

The Giuseppe Armani line creates works along the lines of fantasy, such as in the Disney creations and also along lines of exceptional realism. For over twenty years Giuseppe Armani created true works of art through the use of sculpture. Whether the subject was a whimsical one or a serious portrayal of human experience, Giuseppe Armani collectibles had the unique reputation of always featuring that extra dimension of realism in everything created by Armani.

Famous Finishes Used In the Creation of Giuseppe Armani Collectibles

“M” Factor in Guiseppe Armani Items

One unique factor that sets fine Armani collectibles apart from other famous collections is the use of different finishes to make famous Armani works more instantly recognizable. One famous finish used in the creation of exceptional Armani collectibles is a metallic finish known as the “M” finish. This is a bronzed finish that gives the finished sculpture a very elegant and classical look. Used on very few Armani sculptures, when this finish is noticed on an Armani sculpture it makes the sculpture immediately recognizable as an Armani.

“P” Finish in Giuseppe Armani Items

Another of Giuseppe Armani’s famous finishes is the “P” finish, or light pastel finish in which the colors are expertly blended together to create a calm feeling when one views the sculpture that highlights this unique finish.

“T” Finish in Giuseppe Armani Items

Another finish unique to Giuseppe Armani collectibles is a “T” finish which features a Terra-Cotta look. Clay used to create these three dimensional works of art begins as gray colored clay, and when it is fired it takes on a warm reddish hue which makes Armani sculptures made with it recognizable as original Armani sculptures.

“L” & “F” Finishes in Giuseppe Armani Items

Another unique finish used in the creation of fine Giuseppe Armani collectibles is a luxury finish known as the “L” finish. This gives a piece a soft glossy finish when combined with pastels, creating a luxurious piece of art that can be displayed along with virtually any home decor scheme. The famous “F” finish is used for the flesh colored areas of the pieces, which are generally dominant in some of the sculptures.

Knowledge of the specialized finishes used in the creation of fine Armani collectible pieces helps collectors to determine whether a sculpture truly is a Giuseppe Armani. Avid collectors can tell fairly easily when a piece is a true Armani. Those who have been collecting for a while will most likely possess some pieces that have been retired, meaning that they are no longer produced. These rare, retired Armani collectibles tend to go up in value as the years pass by. Many collectors rush to purchase any pieces that are known as last call pieces simply because their production is about to be discontinued.

Collectors Have Various Specialized Themes In Their Collections

Collectors of Giuseppe Armani collectibles sometimes base their collections on the theme of the work, a specific design or on the characters featured. Some collectors love to collect Giuseppe Armani’s works featuring the likenesses of children, some have an affinity for angels, others love to collect animals and birds. Some collect famous Disney characters while others enjoy beautiful women in various poses along with floral arrangements. Still others love to collect the art created by Giuseppe Armani that is based on events and seasons.

Caring For Fine Giuseppe Armani Collectibles

By taking great care of their Armani collectibles, collectors are assured that these fine collectibles will most likely increase in value over time. Using a soft dry cloth to wipe these beautiful collectibles is all that is really required to take good care of them. Collectors are also advised to keep them out of direct sunlight, and keep them in the box when they are not being displayed. If dust collects, a very soft and dry brush can be used to remove it. The important thing is to never allow beautiful Giuseppe Armani collectibles to become chipped, cracked, or otherwise marred in any way.

There is a club for collectors of fine Giuseppe Armani collectibles that one can join simply by purchasing any item from the Armani collection. With a membership that lasts for two years, collectors have access to information about new releases and newly retired pieces as well as the ability to tour the studio in Florence where these outstandingly popular collectibles are created.

Giuseppe Armani – the Man

Giuseppe Armani grew up drawing. He had hoped to go to an art school in Florence, but a family member’s death made that impossible. Luckily, his priest was able to bring one of Giuseppe’s sculptures to the attention of the Art Gallery in Pisa. The Art Gallery, upon seeing his beautiful sculpture, gave him a job!

Giuseppe was able to study art while working at the Art Gallery in Pisa. He perfected his clay sculpting technique. The Giuseppe Armani collectibles (sculptures) are true works of art that any decorative collector would be proud to own.