Danbury Mint Collectibles

In 1969, Danbury Mint Collectibles was founded by Ralph Glendinning and Ted Stanley in Westport, Connecticut. Although Danbury Mint started out creating commemorative medals, including one for the Apollo 11 mission, they have expanded to include a variety of collectible items. Since that time, Danbury Mint has become known for its excellent quality and unique variety of collectibles. Whether you are looking for a gift for family or friends, or a new addition to your own collection, a Danbury Mint collectible is the best choice.

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Heirloom Collectible Dolls

One of the most popular of the Danbury Mint collections is their wide variety of unique collectible dolls. If you are starting a new collection for your daughter or granddaughter, or if you are adding to your own collection, you will find exactly what you need amongst the Danbury Mint doll line.

Some of the new Danbury Mint dolls that a lot of people are excited about are the new Michelle Obama and the Princess Kate dolls. These will become beautiful additions to any collection, but also, in the years to come, they will be valuable reminder of days gone by.

Of course, there are many Danbury Mint dolls that reminds us of the past. The classic Shirley Temple doll is a real treasured reminder of years ago. Often, this doll is one of the first purchased by a new collector.

There are also real life-like looking baby dolls by Kim van der Wetering or Laura Lee Wambach. You will be surprised by the realistic expressions and you will be amazed to find the perfect doll to always remind you of the sweet baby who grew up too fast.

Danbury Mint Collectible Figurines

Look around the next time you visit a home of one of your friends. It seems like in almost any home you visit, you are sure to find at least one Danbury Mint figurine. These valuable and intricate statues are passed down from generation to generation. Families love the thoughtful religious figurines that make perfect gifts after a loved one has passed away. Other popular figures include those of nature and pets. Finding a symbol of family memories is one of the best gifts you can give. If you want to give a gift that will be cherished for years to come, search through the many Danbury Mint figurines and find the perfect item that says, “I love you.”

Danbury Mint Ornaments – for All Occasions

With over fifty-nine Christmas ornaments in the Danbury Mint Collectibles product list, you will never need to worry about that hard to find gift. Danbury Mint offers a wide variety of ornaments for the sports’ lover in your family. Whether you are looking for baseball, football or even basketball, you will be able to find your favorite team and a beautiful ornament to express your loyalty. These items come packaged to make sure your ornament looks amazing as soon as you take it out of the box. It is usually a good idea to keep the box to make sure your ornament is safe when not being displayed. You can count on the Danbury Mint quality to make this a long lasting reminder for generations.

Danbury Mint Collectibles Coins

Since the time when coins first came into circulation, people have been collecting them. There is a certain fascination with the unique look and unavoidable mistakes that make coins valuable. Danbury Mint can take your collection to a new level. Recently, some of the most collectible coins are the new state quarters. People of all ages have enjoyed the thrill of adding a new state coin to their collection each time it comes out. Indian head pennies are also popular as well as the presidential dollar rolls. When shopping with Danbury Mint Collectibles, you will find the exact coins you need and a sophisticated portfolio to keep them protected when friends and family want to admire them.

Plush Bears from Danbury Mint

Bear collectors all over the world turn to Danbury Mint Collectibles to find unique items that reflect their personalities. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you cannot go wrong by purchasing one of the sweet Boyd’s Bear offering flowers or candy. In addition to the Boyds Bears, you can also find a wide variety of Steiff bears for any occasion. Your children and grandchildren will enjoy gazing at these beautiful bears for many years.

Die Cast Replicas

For all of those car lovers out there, Danbury Mint Collectibles has you covered. Whether you are looking for classic cars, hot rods or specialty cars, you can find a die cast replica that will make you go back in time. These precision cars reflect not only the beauty of the original car, but some of the exact details. You can find the 1950 Studebaker, the 1961 Ford Thunderbird pace car or the 1949 Surf Woody to complete the collection of any car enthusiast.

Danbury Mint Collectibles will be around for years. Not only will you enjoy shopping for these beautiful pieces of art, you will enjoy displaying them all over your home or presenting them as gifts for those special occasions. For a 25th anniversary gift for a couple that has everything, you cannot go wrong with a Danbury Mint plate.

Starting a collection of quality items begins with Danbury Mint Collectibles. You will enjoy the variety of items and the unique nostalgic pieces that are added each year. Many people want to remember the historic events of their time, and there is no better way than finding a commemorative piece from Danbury Mint.

Pretty much anyone who wants to “capture a special moment” knows about Danbury Mint keepsakes! The Danbury Mint fine decorative collectible keepsakes can be given as gifts to people experiencing many different occasions in life.

Do you have a favorite college student? There’s a good chance that Danbury Mint has a figurine/statue depicting your college student’s school. Do you have a ©Red Hat Society member in your midst? If you do, you may want to check out Danbury Mint’s collectible keepsakes for that perfect taylor-made gift.

Do you have a favorite dog breed? Are you a cat fancier? Danbury Mint Collectibles offer a wide array of heirloom possibilities for you.