Norman Rockwell – A Popular American Artist

Norman Rockwell could possibly be the most recognizable North American painter. His artwork was actually a staple of many different products during the mid to late 20th century. For several years, we grew accustomed to seeing (and almost took for granted!) beautiful magazine covers and television advertisements that used his artwork during the Christmas holidays.

Where Could You Find His Art Work?

Not only did his artwork grace the inside and covers of magazines, but it also was used to sell products. (Do you remember Santa and his soda pop preference?!) Some of the magazines in which his artwork was featured are: Boy’s Life (a Boy Scouts publication), The Saturday Evening Post, Life Magazine, and Look Magazine.

What Types of Scenes Did Norman Rockwell Paint?

Norman Rockwell’s early artwork depicted the “mom and apple pie” type of feel-good scenes. They were scenes you could find in any small town throughout the United States… People from coast to coast could relate to Rockwell’s every day scenes.

Did you know that Rockwell’s art was used to sell war bonds during World War II? Rockwell joined the military (after going on a weight-gain diet so that he could qualify) during WW II but didn’t see any action because it was deemed that he would be more valuable as an artist for the war effort. His paintings were also used on movie posters, Christmas cards, all sorts of items!

The Change of His Painting’s Subject Matter

During the later part of Norman Rockwell’s life, his artwork reflected his passion for civil rights and helping the poor. At his time, Rockwell was collaborating with Look Magazine. (He left The Saturday Evening Post when he decided he wanted to illustrate these very important issues rather than paint what he had previously been associated with.

Is There a Museum That Has All of His Work?

The Norman Rockwell Museum (in Stockbridge, Massachusetts) is the site of his personal collection of his paintings. If you visit the museum, you can see how his artwork evolved from happy scenes during the early part of his career to paintings with social commentaries in the later part of his life.

Rockwell’s art can be found all over. His beautiful paintings are easily accessed, so that we don’t have to travel all the way to Massachusetts in order to see his artwork.

Rockwell received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977. This award is given to a very select few. His contribution to he USA is his artwork that serves as a reminder of how great this country is!