Locating Collectibles from Our Youths

You undoubtedly know the expressions “the good old days” and “They don’t make them like they used to.”

As the baby-boomers get to a certain age, it seems like we are seeing a big increase in collectible memorabilia. More and more, people yearn for the carefree days of their youths. We look back fondly at the times in our lives that were easier, with fewer responsibilities. As we grow older, we hear ourselves saying things we heard our parents say, that we absolutely “knew” we would absolutely NEVER say. Things like “those were the days” and “when I was young…”

It is no surprise that as we start to look back and yearn for earlier times, we find ourselves interested in collecting items from our youths. These very same items are things we happily discarded because at one time in our lives, we never could have foreseen wanting them again.

If you are looking for an item from your youth, but are unsure of where to find it, then this article is for you! Here are a few ideas of places where collectibles can be found:

 Internet Auctions

Internet sites like eBay are ideal ways to purchase hard-to-find items. These internet sites make it easy to both buy and sell collectible items. The beauty of these sites is that they serve as “meeting places” of sorts – getting together large groups of people with the very same interests. You have immediate access to people who focus on the very same items as you do.

 Specialty Stores

 A great example of a specialty collectible store is a comic book store. Specialty stores focus on a few items which make up their entire inventory. They do the “running around” for you. Their stock consists of many items of a very specialized sort.

 Trade Shows

There are some collectibles that have so many collectors that they are able to actually have trade (or swap) shows. If you know an avid Star Trek fan (Trekkie), then you may just know someone who has been to a Trekkie convention. There are all sorts of trade shows for different interests. There are even beading shows for both needle workers and jewelry makers!

Classified Ads

The classified ads category is not limited to only newspaper ads. Magazines that feature specialty items also have classified ads that just might feature something you would be interested in.

Collectible Stores

If you are a collector of home décor collectibles, a great place to buy new items is a “collectible store.” An example of a collectible store would be a Hallmark shop. They carry the most up-to-date popular,  home décor collectible items.

Garage Sales, Consignment Stores,
Antique Stores and Flea Markets

All four of these types of “stores” are great places to find collectible items. A lot of times, the prices at these places make the items great buys. Unfortunately, these types of places can be a “hit or miss” type of situation. You may have to visit one of these places many times before you find what you are looking for, but that can be a whole lot of fun!

All of the above places are great if you are looking to reconnect with some of the memorable items of your youth. Isn’t it great that we live in a time when access to these types of places is limitless?