Holiday Collectibles Bring Us Joy and Memories

As the years pass by, we long for a way to remember the people and moments that we hold dear to us, times that we keep in our hearts. Some moments have significant amounts of meaning in them, yet they seem to slip through our fingers like tiny grains of sand. Luckily, there are those moments that we will always hold on to with a fervent grip, moments that are marked on the calendars in our hearts and minds forever, moments that are shared with family and friends during the many holidays that have passed throughout the years. We hold on to these memories the most – because the holidays are packed with importance, both religious, and on a personal and emotional level.

Holidays are anticipated throughout the year with excitement and a youthful impatience no matter what our age. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years are all holidays that only come once a year, but no matter how quickly they pass we will always remember the times we shared while they were here.
The best part about the various holidays is that they allow us to spend time with the people we are closest to in many different ways.

February 14th – Valentine’s Day, a holiday first acknowledged by the pope in the year 500 A.D., is a day meant for lovers. It is a day in which nothing else matters except for the stars you see when you gaze into the eyes of your significant other and declare your truest feelings. Whether you gift chocolates and greeting cards, or you let your inner most poet be known, it is important to remember that a day exists in which we celebrate how we Love in life.

Some holidays, such as Easter, Christmas and Hanukkah carry a religious significance. Christmas and Easter are the two most important holidays on the Christian calendar; likewise Hanukkah, or The Festival of Lights, is a Jewish celebration of one of the most pivotal events in the religion’s history. These holidays are observed by attending religious ceremonies with loved ones in order to appreciate the history behind why we celebrate them; they are also marked by the giving and receiving of gifts. For children, these holidays bring absolute joy when, after waiting all year long, they get to open their presents. Adults enjoy watching as children’s bright smiles light up their faces. Looking past the thrill of getting what we’ve always wanted on these very special holidays, it is of the utmost importance that we remember why we celebrate them. They carry with them the birth of hope, the selflessness of sacrifice, and the joy of rejuvenation.

Forgoing all seriousness now, some holidays are just plain FUN! It matters not how old you are, anyone can find enjoyment underneath the guise of a ghoul on Halloween; a night of ghosts, mischief and yummy treats! It’s holidays like Halloween that remind us that when it comes right down to it, these days are given to us to be enjoyed and cherished for all time, and that we should be thankful that we have family to share them with.

Suddenly another year passes and the whole world finds itself huddled together, ready to share in a singular moment; a moment that represents the passing of good times as they wait with anticipation for even better ones to come.