Christmas Beads

Christmas is a time of festivities, ceremonies, gift-giving and gift receiving. For many people, however, Christmas starts with the decorating. This means decorating rooms, mantles, staircases, front porches and front yards.

Decorating with Christmas beads can be as expansive or as simple as you want it to be. Beads can be used absolutely everywhere. String some beads around the windows in any room of the house for an instant festive feel. String Christmas beads down a staircase by looping it through the banister. Frame a doorway, a bathroom mirror, a picture or a headboard for instant Christmas spirit.
Outside, Christmas beads can be wrapped around the porch banisters, strung through bushes or hung from trees. Wrapping a mailbox in Christmas beads is a welcome sight for all. Wrap a wagon in beads and fill with poinsettia for Christmas charm. Wherever they are placed, Christmas beads will make your house shine.

And, while you’re at it… Use your Christmas beads to make some fun Christmas jewelry for yourself!

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