Christmas Balls

Decorative Christmas balls can serve as a small detail on your holiday tree or alternatively, can set the color scheme and tone for your entire Christmas decor idea. Either way, the wide assortment of Christmas balls available to decorate both your tree and your home is truly staggering! An infinity of sizes, styles and designs awaits your discriminating selection.

Traditionally, all Christmas balls were fashioned from very thin and very breakable glass. Still popular for their great beauty, great care must be taken in the handling and packing of this type of Christmas ball. If your ultimate Christmas celebration includes children and/or pets, these easily broken ornaments may not be your best choice. Luckily, this traditional ornament is now made from a variety of materials, including shatter-proof options.

Christmas balls come in many sizes from very small ones for miniature tabletop trees, to the very large ones gracing outdoor trees such as those at government and public buildings. The sky is the limit for the 20ber of Christmas balls used at your house; the more, the merrier!

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