Christmas Collectibles

Coming in all shapes and sizes, Christmas collectibles are widely available, and often passed down through different generations in a family. From ornaments and dishes to books and figurine sets, families choose to keep and decorate with many different objects.

Some keep it simple, and use lights to celebrate the season. Christmas trees are put up in living areas, and stockings get hung by fireplaces. The religious aspect of the holiday is observed by setting up nativity scenes, and displaying crosses and doves. These items are all often kept and passed between members of families as a symbol of tradition and a way to teach younger generations about the holiday.

Outdoor decorations are also used to show Christmas spirit. Lights are put on houses and buildings, and a wide variet of yard ornaments (like snow globes, light-up candy canes, and electric trains) are set up in the front yards of people who enjoy the season. Christmas trees are decorated outside as well, with many people using lights and special ornaments that can withstand the elements. Window decorations are also collected, and these can be a fun way for children to become involved in the decorating process.

Above all, Christmas is a time for families. Sharing stories, items, and traditions with those who we care about is a way to keep the season alive. Christmas doesn’t have to be about the gifts, spending money, or taking a vacation. As long as people can surround themselves with tradition – the things that make up wonderful memories, the holiday will be well worth it.

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